6 Things I Will Miss The Most When I Leave Rutgers This Summer

6 Things I Will Miss The Most When I Leave Rutgers This Summer

It will be difficult not having the convenience of these opportunities at home, but I look forward to returning to Rutgers in the fall.

Erica Wriedt

The spring semester has come to an end at Rutgers University. Finals are no longer to be stressed about, refreshing Sakai will not be done for another few months, and waiting for a bus to get to your class in 15 minutes isn't to be worried about for a while.

However, you may find it odd that you cannot simply walk to The Yard for dinner after a difficult night of studying. Although it is a great feeling to have downtime for three months, here are a few things I will personally miss about Rutgers during this summer break.

1. The Starbucks truck

Having the convenience of a Starbucks truck on campus is truly amazing. Not to mention, the truck will help you waste those extra meal swipes while splurging on a refreshing drink that you have been thinking about during class.

2. Independence

College is all about gaining your independence. Although it is pretty nice to come home to some responsibilities, such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking, being taken care of, I will miss having the independence of running my own schedule. There is some odd satisfaction in getting around campus and adapting to a college schedule.

3. Scenic walks to class

I was privileged to live on such a scenic campus at Rutgers University. Cook Douglass has many sites to see, such as the kissing bridge, large fields, and the passion puddle. I will miss the great views that always brightened my mood while walking to class.

4. Friends

I have made the best of friends at college. All of us are from different walks of life, and from that, I have learned so many lessons. The worst part about this is that my friends live all over the country. I know I will catch myself asking them to meet for dinner many times, even though we are all miles away.

5. Dinner at Henry's Diner

My friends and I always picked at least one day per week to adventure to Livingston Campus and grab dinner at Henry's Diner. This was always my favorite part of the week. We simply would talk for hours, even after our meal was finished. I cannot wait to be back at Rutgers so I can catch dinner with friends.

6. Fitness classes at the recreation centers

A free gym on each campus at Rutgers is an opportunity that should not be passed up. Also, the recreation centers have so much to offer: a fully equipped gym, pool, fitness classes, and so much more. A fitness class at the end of the day of classes was always a great way to wind down.

Rutgers University is so large and has so much to offer. Every student should take advantage of these opportunities. Although it will be difficult not having the independence and convenience of these opportunities at home, I look forward to returning to Rutgers in the fall.

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