You Should Rush A Sorority In College, You'll Be Joining A Family

You Should Rush A Sorority In College, You'll Be Joining A Family

If you follow your heart throughout the rush process, it will lead you home on bid day.


To all those considering committing themselves to the process of rush week this upcoming fall, trust me - it is a decision you will not regret. Although the concept of rushing a sorority may seem both intimidating and overwhelming at times, the benefits you reap will outweigh the levels of stress that follow alongside it. Do not be alarmed by the unfamiliar faces you see and the hair-raising chants you do not know the words to. Soon enough, the unfamiliar faces will become some of your dearest friends, and as far as the chants go? You're likely to learn at least one of them before you graduate college.

As an incoming freshman who knew absolutely nothing about what Greek life may have to offer me, I hesitantly took the plunge and decided to sign myself up for formal rush. I was scared of knowing no one and extremely worried that I would accidentally break the rules by speaking of one of the five "B's" that have been exiled from the process. My nerves were at an all-time high and had convinced myself it would be best to simply watch and follow along with what everyone else was doing - that is, until I walked into Delta Gamma's conference room.

After seeing a multitude of young women and gaining the courage to sit down and converse with them, I speak the truth when I say that I had never felt more at home with people that I had just met.

I was eager to return to their rounds each day and was ecstatic to find that they invited me to participate in their final round. It was at this preference round that I felt closest to this brand new group of girls and knew that I wanted to spend my college days with their company by my side. Although bid day has come and gone, that same feeling of excitement surrounds the events we participate in and the nights spent out together. It is a lasting feeling of fulfillment and companionship, which I believe every person deserves to experience.

With regards to those who have yet to endure this experience, my best advice is to remain open-minded throughout the entirety of the process. You will meet many different women and hear a variety of compelling stories along the way, but if you follow your heart, it will be sure to lead you home.

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To My Little Sister, As She's Choosing A College To Call Home

There is no right answer, but the one that aligns closely with your heart. There's no secret to choosing. It's all just you. Believe in your choice.


Recently, my little sister has been applying to colleges. It's hard not to put my two cents in on the place I envision where her next four years would be. I know though that ultimately the decision is one that she must make for herself because, in the end, the experience is all her own. So to my sister choosing a college, this one is for you.

Dear Sis,

I envy the position you're in right now. You quite literally have the world at your fingertips and the ability to choose your destination of happiness for the next four years.

College isn't like high school. You see, high school wasn't a choice. It was part of the plan that came with where you lived and so are the people that go there with you. College is so much different. You are gifted with the presence of so many different individuals from many different cities, states and sometimes even countries. They all made a choice like you. One different from high school. One that allowed them the freedom to be where they are.

Four years in college is like a really long movie. There are ups and downs and definitely some climaxes, but even though the movie says it's going to be long, once you get to the end you can't help but want to replay.

Find a college that's worth the replay.

Find a place that speaks to who you are and who you eventually want to become. In four years, your entire life will change. You will realize your self-worth. The worth that no high school boy or award could give you.

You will make meaningful friendships that aren't strengthened by rumors and drama, but by support and adventure. You will seek to travel. You will find comfort in being alone to find yourself. You will find comfort being with others that will help you find you. College is like a growth spurt on steroids. You change so much in four years you have to wonder why it took so long to learn everything you knew before.

As a senior in college now, I only hope you find what I did. A place that I love that loves me back. I hope you find somewhere that gives meaning to the life you live now and your future aspirations. I hope you find somewhere with the best library to study for the hard exams. I hope you meet the friends that you deserve to have.

I found that all in a place I call home. Home is where your heart lies. It's not where I went or where you think you need to be. Home is where the comfort of leaving a life you knew seems easier because you know you will be in a place for YOU.

After four years, I can't help but cry. Not because I had a bad experience, but because I fell in love with a place that I got to choose. I fell in love with life as I hope you do too. The world is at your fingertips and I hope you make the next four years a world worth being part of and just remember home isn't about the house you grow up in. Home is about the love and laughter that bind people together.

We will always share one home already, but now it's time you choose a home for yourself.

I found mine. I know you will find yours. Don't sweat it.

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10 Things I Learned From Joining A Non-Traditional Sorority

Joining a non-traditional sorority may not be normal but it can have its benefits.


When I started college, I had no intention of joining a sorority. However after hearing my friends talk about the amazing time they were having in their sororities I decided to try and join one. After multiple failed attempts at joining a traditional sorority, I finally found my forever home… in a non-traditional sorority. And after talking to my friends in traditional sororities, I found there are a few things that are different.

​1.  Every time you mention being in a sorority, you get a million questions of which one and people don’t seem to understand when it is not a traditional one.

2. You get to know all your sisters extremely well... almost too well.

3. You don’t have to drink to have a fun time.

4. You can’t find your sorority letters anywhere unless you special order them.

5. It tends to be cheaper to go the non-traditional route.

6. Big/Little is just as important for your sorority as a traditional one.

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7. There are secrets… a lot of secrets. But it is so worth it.

8. There is very little drama but when it does happen everyone knows everything.

9. Your sisters will become your best friends and your big/little will be even closer than that.

10. No matter where you go you will see a sister and know her name.

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