Getting In That First Run To Start The Trend

Getting In That First Run To Start The Trend

The first run is the hardest but the first step always is.


It is the time of year where people are looking for a change in their life. Whether it can be exercising more or healthy options there are different activities that can be done to start the New Year on the right foot. There are different approaches to how you can have a healthier lifestyle whether it is spending more time outdoors or eating more vegetables but one of the best things to is finding a form of exercise that interests you and something you can look forward to.

Exercise does not have to be viewed as work or something you despise but something that can be fun. If you want to grab a few of your friends and go play a game of soccer or go hiking that can count as exercise. Finding time to be outdoors not only helps your health physically but also mentally. Some research has shown that being outside or being surrounded by the colors can be viewed as relaxing and as a form of destressing.

Maybe the past few months have gotten away from you or you have not spent as much time at the gym as you wanted. However, what matters is that you want to start a healthier lifestyle. The first step behind having a healthier lifestyle is to plan for it or have a positive mental attitude. It is important to get at least thirty minutes of exercise daily to maintain healthy habits. One of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle is the mentality behind it. If you really want to be healthy you need to prepare and work towards your goal. It is also worth noting that you will not see results at first and it is ok. It can be understood that you want to shed the belly but it comes with time and dedication.

There is not one exercise that is better than the others or one exercise that will change you in the span of one day but there is an exercise that does not require weights and a gym membership: running. Most sports include running and running is a fundamental exercise that helps build up endurance and stamina for other sports as well. Now running may not be for everyone but running is a great way to burn calories and some good cardio to get in every now and then. An upside for running is that it is not only a common exercise but many people have had struggles when beginning to run.

Sometimes you may get tired easily or you do not think you can run as much. It is OK to have these struggles because it shows you want to make a difference. Studies have shown that running can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even some cancers. Finding time to exercise will allow you to overcome the possibility of these struggles.

Now before you talk about how you want to run a half marathon or one day wants to compete in a mud run it is important to start from square one. Start small. Whether you are at the gym or you live in a neighborhood with sidewalks both places are ideal to start running. Take it lightly and start with a one-mile jog or you run to the gym before working out. FInding ways to incorporate running without realizing it benefits you and will help prepare you for potential marathons or 10ks. It will be tough at first and you will feel exhausted but the more time you spend running you won't get tired as easily and your endurance and stamina will increase. When starting to exercise the best thing, to begin with, is a light run or jog. Over time you can build up from this routine and running one mile will become easier for you.

However, before you can even begin running it is important to find the best type of shoes. One of the best ways to buy shoes is online on websites that have researched the best types of shoes or the shoes that people wear for their marathons. RunRepeat provides an in-depth look at prices of shoes for not only running but several other sports. The best place to begin is by finding the best shoe for you. That may not necessarily mean the most expensive but rather the one that provides the best arch or comfort. Remember this is going to become a running shoe and your comfort is a vital part of the successful run.

Getting on track for a healthy lifestyle can be a little tough. There are going to be struggles and obstacles but finding a place to start will allow you to grow and improve for the future. Taking it one step at a time not only will benefit you but allows you to gradually ease into your routine. So it's finally the new year and you want to change up your routine. Have you considered running? It might be tough at first but there are some pretty cool benefits from running. That first run can be life-changing.

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8 Female Fitness YouTubers you Should Know

If you want to gain strength AND look and feel amazing, follow these powerful females!

Ladies! How many times have you heard that women who lift weights are "too bulky" or "masculine" or "look like a man?" Well.... that's false. If you don't believe me, check out these fitness YouTubers who will tell you themselves!

1) Robin Gallant

Though originally from Canada, Gallant is taking over the world one day at a time. Her videos are filled with content that is not only informative and super helpful but also completely backed by science and research so you have no choice BUT to believe her every word.

Instagram: @robingallantt

Youtube: Robin Gallant

2) Amanda Bucci

Originally a bikini competitor who recently switched over to powerlifting, Bucci shares with her viewers all the ups and downs of competition life: bulking, dieting, effective training tips, and so much more.

Instagram: @amandabuccifit

YouTube: Amanda Bucci

3) Emily Duncan

More commonly known as Em Dunc, Duncan is a young college student who loves the sport of bodybuilding. As a kinesiology major, she uploads videos that are valuable to both new and experienced lifters by discussing topics such as biomechanics, recovery tips, and more.

Instagram: @em_dunc

YouTube: Em Dunc

4) Heidi Somers

Known as buffbunny in the fitness industry, Heidi is a goofy, charming girl from San Antonio, Texas. She posts videos that include full workout routines, meal prep ideas, and fun vlogs.

Instagram: @buffbunny

YouTube: Heidi Somers

5) Megan Gallagher

Gallagher is famously known as megsquats in the industry. She is a strong powerlifter whose videos are filled with her awesome lifts and effective techniques to improve your own strength.

Instagram: @megsquats

YouTube: megsquats

6) Emily Hayden

Emily Hayden is constantly posting motivational videos on her channel. She is all about dedication to the sport and improving you. Through her videos, you will instantly feel motivated to go to the gym and kill your workout.

Instagram: @emilyhaydenfitness

YouTube: Emily Hayden

7) Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons, who refers to herself as "Whit," is easily one of the most relatable girls on YouTube. In her videos, she often takes you through her intense workouts, gives details on how to perform each exercise and the number of sets and reps to complete so that you can easily follow along with her!

Instagram: @whitneyysimmons

YouTube: Whitney Simmons

8) Chelsea Karabin

ChelseaLifts is a girl who not only insanely strong but also really cool and chill. Her videos show you all about the world of powerlifting and teach you how to be the strongest you can be.

Instagram: @chelsealifts

YouTube: ChelseaLifts

Cover Image Credit: Google

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The Relaxing Physical Activity For The Person Who Loves Competition

How rock climbing changed my view on what it means to challenge yourself.


I recently went rock climbing with my friends and walked away excited, proud, and craving more. In high school, I participated in competitive activities like tennis or tryouts to make the band. While I love these activities and don't see them leaving my life anytime soon, rock climbing changed my perspective on what accomplishment can feel like.

In sports, especially when competing in tournaments or for a spot, the fun of the game can be overshadowed by not-too-friendly competitors. It makes sense because everyone is fighting to win and prove that they deserve to be on the team. However, the relationship between everyone becomes more invested in maintaining a position than having fun and creating a family. Don't get me wrong, I love this highly-competitive arena, but rock climbing was the first time I had done something where I did not feel the need to compete with those around me.

One of my best friends coaxed me into going to a place about an hour away from my home. I was nervous to climb in front of others since it was my first time in years, however, my friend assured me it would be fine. It turns out she was 100% correct! We went with two other girls who were both very experienced and belayed us up and down walls. They were extremely supportive, and my best friend and I found ourselves attempting to defeat walls we never would have dreamed of climbing alone.

Climbing can definitely be competitive, but when surrounded by the right people, it gives you a chance to grow. It taught me that my biggest competition is with myself. My nervousness to embarrass myself in front of others was holding me back. When I truly started feeling comfortable, the main competitor was the wall. I found myself feeling like I was on a team that did not need to compete with each other but wanted everyone to succeed at their own rates. It was a great experience to feel fully supported and encouraged without the side order of having to constantly maintain rank.

I would recommend rock climbing to any overly competitive person like myself! It helps you challenge your own boundaries instead of other's and will help you to reflect on what it means to challenge yourself, mind and body, and how you work to overcome obstacles.

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