1. Texting.

If you are going to be one your phone the entire time, why even bother showing up? This person took time out of their day to get to know you better because they are interested in you. Turn your phone off and put it away please and thank you.

2. Only talking about yourself.

If your date asks about you, fire away. But do not sit there the entire time and go on about your life. Ask your date about their life, what they do for a living, and what their life is like. Not everything is about you, sweetie!

3. Showing up late.

To my ladies out there: If you know you take three hours to get ready, plan accordingly. Do not keep your date waiting any longer than he already has. To my guys out there: Do not show up to your lady's house late. Believe it or not, she has spent all day getting ready for you. Maybe even show up to her house a few minutes early, you'll impress her.

4. Talking about your ex.

Your ex is irrelevant at this point. Your date does not care, nor do they want to hear about what you and your ex went through. This is incredibly rude and has to be the biggest turn off.

5. Disrespecting the staff.

If your date consists of going to the movies or a restaurant, treat the staff members with respect. They are not beneath you, and you don't look cool being an asshole to whoever works there.

6. Drinking too much.

There is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine or a beer, but stick to just one. This is quality time with your date, not a time to get sloppy. Keep it classy.

7. Taking food off of his/her plate.

If you want fries, order your own damn fries. Stop taking your dates food!

8. Cursing too much.

We are all guilty of slipping here and there, if not all the time. But, having a sailors mouth on a date is disrespectful. Try to keep it as clean as possible so you don't scare your date away.

9. Making fun of his/her job.

You don't know what this person has been through. It does not matter whether they make six figures or minimum wage, as long as they have ambition and are contributing to society. Do not judge.

10. Refusing to pay.

Most gentlemen will not let their lady's pay. But ladies, you make money too. Do not expect your date to pay, and at least offer. If your man takes the check, he's a keeper! But don't sit around and expect him to pay.

11. Hurrying home.

Hurrying to get home makes your date think that you aren't interested. Why do you have to be home so soon? Unless it's an emergency, sit your ass down and enjoy your date.

12. Hurrying to the bedroom.


13. Checking someone else out.

If you see someone else n the room is attractive, keep that to yourself. Making it obvious that you are checking someone else out is beyond disrespectful to your date on so many levels.