The greatest part about this year of 2016 is that the Black community has begun to join and ban together in the midst of all the chaos and injustice happening within the law system in America. Deterring the attention away from current world issues, one topic that has long been ignored is finally starting to come to light. Black owned businesses and why we should support them. One of the many solutions to Black people in America gaining not only human rights equality, but all around equality is to stop following this "American Dream" concept that has been put before since childhood. We must obtain, create, and control OUR OWN. In other words, in order to break the cycle its time for us to stop following this pre-packaged American Dream of working some type of 9-5 that you have no passion for and follow your dream. The human default is to automatically think that something like this unobtainable, its "too big" or "too much". but the truth is you can fulfill any desire that you are passionate about and are skilled in. Especially in this day and age.

After the Alton Sterling shooting, the Black Community came together so strong all over this country, not just outwardly but on social media as well remember the internet is powerful. I'm always making new connects on Twitter and I see so many of the young black youth (the cool kids are like what I like to call them) thriving within these small and sometimes even big businesses that they have created for themselves. They start small and it grows into something bigger more and more every day. It is truly inspiring to see and it's also a reminder that you can do it too. It just takes some perseverance and hard work. Thinking about the potential of the power of Black owned Businesses inspired me to interview one of my fav business owners, Eboni Merriman, founder of Lost Queens.