Tuesday night Alabama spoke loud and clear. Alabama disproved the elitist liberal prejudice towards it that all Alabamians are backward, blind, and ignorant country folk. Alabama also sent a resounding message to the anti-establishment movement; they’ll vote for anti-establishment candidates, as demonstrated by how narrowly Moore lost, as long as the candidate presented to them is not ridden by moral corruption like a flea-ridden dog. The Republican party will try and pin this nationally-watched loss of a senatorial seat on Steve Bannon. The reality is that if Mitch McConnell hadn’t annexed Mo Brooks’ chances at being the Republican candidate by forcing Luther Strange, a puppet boy of the Republican establishment, on the people of Alabama, Steve Bannon would not have been able to put Roy Moore up on the pedestal. Now, all that is in the past, Roy Moore, if you have the audacity to push your fellow Alabamians even more by pushing indignantly with the re-count you’re calling for because Doug Jones beat you by .1% of the needed margin, as stipulated by Alabama law, this country and Alabama is going to put your neck on the guillotine and you’re going to destroy the anti-establishment movement before it’s even in its pre-pubescent state and in-effect you will give yourself the historical responsibility of enabling the establishment to continue its unchecked control of our nation.

Being a D.C. native and someone who has been around Capitol Hill and it’s inner workings my entire life, I despise the Republican establishment—and I’m a registered Republican. Mitch McConnell is the Queen Larva of the establishment swarm and had his unchecked hands stayed out of the Alabama election, by suppressing Mo Brooks and trying to force Luther Strange on the Crimson State, my party would not have lost a seat in the Senate. If Old Yeller Mitch could leave office today, I’d throw a party like I was celebrating my student-loans not existing, but I’m stuck in the real world.

I am all-in with the anti-establishment movement, I love it, but reel it in Steve. I understand that it was within the realm of “banking on it” that a Republican candidate would win in a red state but next time run a number on the history of our movement’s candidates. Roy wasn’t even liked as a guy by too many of his fellow Alabamians, let alone as a politician. And being banned from malls? I’d bet you right now that I could steal something from Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, MD, get citied, have it on my record, and still not be banned from the mall. The last thing I want is for the anti-establishment movement to die down, so please Steve let’s get McConnell out of office and support candidates who will systematically take down the establishment instead of adding to the chaos.

Now let’s focus our attention on the delusional pony riding cowboy, Roy Moore. Roy, you’re putting your neck out on the guillotine by not conceding. The election you were a candidate in saw turnout numbers so high that the African-American turnout was the same turnout for President Obama in 2012. If you do not concede and try to force a re-election, the people of Alabama, who have already spoken loud and clear, will come out in droves and suffocate your whining with their shouts. Even President Trump is telling you to throw in the towel. Not even Steve Bannon is coming to save you, like you’ve forced him to do by forcing yourself into our anti-establishment movement, after Mo Brooks' candidacy was crushed by McConnell, and were so arrogant that you couldn’t be man enough to step down from contention for the Alabama Junior Senator seat. If you blame the refs because you’re so awful at playing ball, I can promise you that the Republican party and our anti-establishment movement will rain down on you like falling heavens. But you know what, Roy? Those who actually have say in the political world have far more important things to deal with than validate your baby-back-b**** complaining. So do us a favor, and I suppose you as well, and disappear back into the darkness from whence you came.

What is so frustrating is that the anti-establishment movement is now teetering on existence and non-existence because the Republican establishment is going to suffocate and toss us aside because they're going to tell everyone that you, an “alleged” child-molester, are the chief representative of us, after Steve Bannon, and that could not be further from the truth. The Populist Nationalist movement is grounded in the belief of defending the rights of our people by building up our country, before focusing on every UN issue, and protecting people’s constitutional rights no matter their creed, race, or sexual orientation, and you are the furthest from someone who fights for the rights of all people. You’re a judge who won an Alabama Supreme Court seat by 4%, you have condemned same-sex marriage from a constitutional perspective, which is an asinine argument, you've said, per your spokesman, Ted Crockett, that a Muslim could not ethically be an elected official because they couldn't swear on the bible even though you as a "serious" judge should know that you do not have to swear on the bible, and you have lived a life of suppressing the lives of American citizens by slandering their names and taking advantage of them before they take their SATs. You, Roy, are the vile of the swamp our Populist Nationalist movement despises. The Populist Nationalist movement’s goal is to systematically and strategically obliterate the two-party system so that the American peoples’ voices are heard instead of the being forced to always have only two choices, and had you been elected to the Senate you would have been so disrespected, such waste of space, and such an incompetent and whiny public servant that you would have drug our Populist Nationalist name through the depths of hell.

Goodbye and good riddance, Roy.