This election season we have witnessed a wave of change. From electing an openly Trans women into Congress, to removing Legislators with regressive viewpoints. The voice of the revolution is being felt strongly through who elect into office. With that being said, we should acknowledge that the last of the elections are not over, with Alabama’s December 12th election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones. Recent child molestation allegations have risen against Roy Moore in the past week. Traditionally, such scandals would normally force a candidate to resign, yet Moore has refused to do so.

In case those allegations are not enough to disqualify him as a candidate, we should take into consideration where he lacks potential to represent the people. For starters, he is not fully aware of the political realm he is trying to enter. His understanding of others religions is limited. In an interview with he stated that, “There are communities under Sharia Law right now in our country. Up in Illinois”, as if that is actual legislation practiced over the Constitution. Under Trump's administration there have been many claims of radical Islam, and the self made fear surrounding its assumed practices , but come on Roy Moore. Not only does he not understand Islam, but he does not understand how his support of corrupt legislation could affect the average American.

It’s important to remember how Roy Moore came into power. He is a twice elected, twice removed state Judge. He was removed when he broke the divide between church and state by hanging the Ten Commandments. His judgement is blurred by his conservative views. This has led him to campaign on the promise to retract the legalization of same-sex marriages. Has a strong pro-life point of view, running in an attempt to criminalize it. Is a known confederate- sympathizer, as well as opposing programs that benefit immigrants. His view points set our nation back, while oppressing the people who would flourish from these opportunities.

Lastly, lets not forget why Roy Moore is a political player. For starters, he is a 70 year old man, who should have already retired and enjoying the world moving forward. Instead he is key player in draining the swamp. Many remember disgraced former Chief Strategist to the president Steve Bannon and his non-spoken promise to retaliate against an administration that shunned him. Bannon’s plan is to slowly remove members of congress that refrain from voting or vote against capitalistic ideas. By pushing someone as radical and single focused person like Moore there, you force other member of congress to pick a side and vote on an issue. By attempting to drain the swamp more extremist candidates will run, on irrational promises that damage civilians. Moore will divide the Senate by those who will stand up against him, those who support him, and the bystanders.

His constituents now face the decision of disregarding his negative attributes in order to keep the state red, or risk his policies being enforced on the American people. We cannot sit quietly as Roy Moore gets elected into office. His radical conservative viewpoints will skew progressive plans. Such as the full benefits of human rights, religious freedom rights, and the practice of full political consciousness. It is what the people of Alabama deserve, and it is what the American people deserve.