The Thing Nobody Cares About

You kill someone, you get time in prison. You smoke some weed, you get time in prison. Is there a difference in the prisons?

Yes, technically there is. Prison levels vary but the reign of control in each prison doesn't. Ever read Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King? This is kind of like that.

You see, the warden has complete control over these prisoners. Oh but wait, isn't the government watching over them? That's what I'd wish to believe but unfortunately I cannot join my fellow blissfully ignorant citizens.

Prisoners are at the mercy of both other prisoners that run the place and officials that the run the place.

Murder and rape outside of prison? Terrible. Murder and rape inside of prison? Irrelevant.

Does committing a crime deprive you of basic human rights? Yes, trial by jury and access to lawyers are granted by just how viable is that. A trial that takes months, sometimes even years, to occur while one rots in prison without being confirmed guilty (so much for innocent until proven guilty, right?) and a pathetic lawyer getting through the job to get the paycheck at the end of the day.

Once the public is satisfied by the human rights seen obviously, they ignore the prisoners state after being confined and the basic rights deprived of them then. They're just criminals, I guess.

Why does nothing change? Nobody cares about these prisoners. And who is going to believe a convict that's done wrong when they testify of the horrors in prison?

Might as well just forget about them, like the rest of America and our government. Our president is too busy tweeting about himself anyway.

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