My Roommates Held My Dog Hostage

To The Roommates Who Held My Dog Hostage, I Hope You Realize How Crazy You Are

You are the worst kind of people.


Anyone who knows me knows that my dog, Cami is my whole heart. She's spoiled rotten and basically my entire world. I love the little booger more than anything else on the planet. Ugh. She's so precious.

Meet Cami. She likes to cuddle blankets.

So, story time. About how my crazy-ass roommates dog-napped this innocent little baby.

But first, you need some backstory.

Cami and I moved into an off-campus apartment last August with three other girls from my hometown. We had all moved to Orlando the year before to attend the same college. I had previously lived in a dorm with one of the roommates (we'll call her Jennifer, she's important later on in our story) while the other two roommates lived together in a dorm in the same housing community. It seemed like a good idea for us all to get an apartment together the following school year to avoid living with random roommates.

But boy, was that the worst decision ever.

I guess these girls had the notion that all of us living together would more or less be like the show, "Friends." Meaning, movie nights three nights a week, taco Tuesdays, and clubbing on the weekends. Which is fun and cool, but I never had that kind of time to spend with them. They went to school during the day and spent time together at night, while I worked nights and slept during the day. And the free time I did have, I spent studying or taking Cami to the dog park.

Fast forward, and I've dropped out of school after my college screwed up my financial aid. I was now working full-time to pay off the tuition the school claimed I owed them, while also paying $662+ in rent plus all my other bills (car payment, car insurance, tolls, gas, phone bill, and food/living expenses. I am a self-sufficient, financially-independent woman!). I hardly saw my roommates, who didn't have to work, and my boyfriend stayed the night frequently so that we'd actually get to see each other (we also worked together, so it was easy to ride home together, crash, and then go to work together the next day).

But this was apparently a huge damper to my roommate's lifestyle. A typical roommate argument over group-text ensued.

Their main issue was that my boyfriend stayed over almost every night and I hadn't asked permission for him too. Which is totally a valid issue, I absolutely admit. But when he was over, he was always conscious and considerate of the shared space and kept quietly in my room, so I didn't think very much of him being there. Plus it was my room, my space, and I paid a lot of money to live there.

But this, apparently, wasn't good enough for them. An immature, illiterate argument broke out. My three roommates teaming up together against myself. Their concerns being communicated through insults and slander. With some of the most hurtful, vile, and profane comments I've ever read. Attacking my character, attacking my boyfriend, and so much worse. They were horrible.

They decided they wanted to have a house meeting that night. The thought of it made me sick with anxiety. I knew it wouldn't be a mature conversation, so I told them I wouldn't be talking that night-- that I wouldn't be home until late and a conversation wouldn't be productive while we were all upset. I told them we could all have a discussion the next afternoon.

But when I got home that night, Cami was nowhere to be found.

Like any pup, she's usually there to greet me at the door. It was 1:15 am. Late.

Down the hall, I could see the light on in Jennifer's room. Along with music and muffled conversation. All three of them were shut in there-- I could only assume they had Cami in there too. So I texted Jennifer:

"Do you mind letting Cami out of the room so I can take her out?" (to potty.)

This girl no joke replies,

"You can come ask face to face."

At this point, I am absolutely livid. I remind Jennifer that Cami is my dog, my property, and my Emotional Support Animal (I later learned that withholding an ESA is a violation of the Fair Housing Act and hella illegal, just FYI).

Jennifer texts, "Get in my room."

I reiterate that I have had a long day and won't be discussing anything tonight. But Jennifer keeps pushing. I try a different tactic.

"She hasn't had dinner yet."

"Then come get her."

"You're not going to bully me into it. I said no."

"Who is bullying?"

"You're literally holding my dog hostage. You are."

"If you even cared about your dog or even friendship, which I learned a long time ago that you don't, you'd walk in. I won't make you talk but at least have the courage to see me face to face."

She was crazy. And manipulative, and controlling. So I call my mom bawling.

She agreed that I shouldn't let them manipulate me into doing what they want. Mom (who's a 911 dispatcher) instead tells me to call the cops. I'm exhausted from the day's events and just want to go to bed. Not deal with police. (But now, as I'm writing this, both me and my boyfriend agree that we totally should have.) I tell Mom that calling the cops would only make things worse, and they might not even do anything (I've also learned that they totally would have done something.) As an alternative to law enforcement, Mom reminds me that my dog is a whiner-- the whiniest little dog ever-- and that she'll soon whine to go potty or whine for food, and that I should just wait it out.

And wait it out I do.

Twenty minutes later I hear scratches at my door and open it to the greeting of the wiggliest little pup.

Simultaneously, my phone dings with a message,

"Because we care if she eats."

Classy, right?

So to the literal dog-nappers who held my dog hostage, I hope you all look back and realize just how insane and immature you were. I hope you learned that you can't manipulate and bully people into getting your way. I hope you realize that this is literally the textbook definition of emotional abuse.

We, as humans, don't deserve dogs, but you three especially don't.

Oh, and I hope the roommate who took over my lease is ten-times "worse" than I ever was.

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12 Dorm Room 'Essentials' That Are Actually A Waste Of Money

If three years of college has taught me anything, it's that I wasted a lot of money and space on things for my dorm room that I never used.


Now approaching my senior year of college, there are so many things that I have experienced in my three years away that I either look back at and smile just at the thought of or immediately regret. With a younger sister going into her freshman year of college, I hope to teach her as much of those lessons I learned in advance so she doesn't make the same mistakes as me. One of the most important things I learned after moving in and out of dorm rooms and apartments for three years is what should and shouldn't come with you to school. Because, let's be real, as much as we want to pack away our entire lives and fit them in our minuscule dorm room, not everything is necessary.

However, knowledge is power, and I don't want to just save my sister from making those mistakes. That's why I'm here to share the 12 things that aren't necessary for you to bring to school:

1. A Keurig/coffee maker

While living in an apartment and having all the space in a kitchen for a coffee maker and the time to make my own hot drinks, having a Keurig was a godsend. But I'm going to be completely honest, as someone who wanted a Keurig so badly before freshman year...I rarely used it when I lived in the dorms. Between having meal points to buy my own coffee and just never having the time or energy to make it in the morning and then clean the dishes afterward, it just wasn't worth the waste of money and space.

2. A giant television

You may see pictures of dorm rooms and see students with giant televisions along their window or squished onto their desks. But unless you're living in a larger apartment, having a huge flat screen TV has no purpose for a small dorm room. There are TV's usually all over campus, especially in the common rooms that are free for you to use. If you really do feel like you need a TV in your dorm, a smaller one will suffice, because anything larger is going to take up some much-needed room.

3. Any type of hot plate/mini grill, etc.

Besides the fact that these are banned in most dormitories anyways, it's not smart to sneak one of these into your rooms. I can't tell you how many people I know that have accidentally started a fire in the dorm room from using a toaster they snuck in or a special "grilled cheese grill." The dining halls will have everything you could possibly want and need, and most dorm rooms come with a mini fridge and microwave to supplement anything further.

4. Candles

I'll admit, I am guilty of using these my sophomore year of college. Do I regret the millions of times I freaked out because I almost lit my dorm room on fire? Absolutely.

It's not worth it. Your RA will probably catch you, it's not worth the risk of accidentally setting your shoebox-sized dorm on fire, and the smoke detectors in those rooms are so sensitive that you're bound to set them off.

5. A printer

Unless you're living off campus in an apartment, there really is no reason to have a printer in your dorm room. There are tons of printers throughout the different buildings of every university, and most allot a certain amount of sheets for you to do your printing. Printers are big and clunky, hard to store, and the ink is very expensive. Don't consider buying one unless you plan on moving off campus.

6. An iron and ironing board

Take it from someone who absolutely hates wearing wrinkly clothes, the whole iron and ironing board duo was not a smart move my freshman year. It took up way too much room and when I did actually want to iron, it was so annoying to find a spot to do it in my small room.

If you're really obsessive about having non-wrinkled clothes like I am, you can invest in a mini steamer, which is super cheap, stored extremely easily because they're so small, and work just as well as an iron. I ended up swapping out for one of these my sophomore year and loving it so much more.

7. Bean bag chairs/Folding chairs

Any extra seating for a dorm room is honestly unnecessary besides the standard desk chairs that come with the dorm. The floor space is so limited that taking it up with any other large items is going to make it extremely difficult to navigate around your room. Also, when your friends come to hang out, they usually will end up just sitting on your bed or your desk chair anyways.

8. A body pillow

I don't really know what the use of these things are. I had one freshman year, and it laid against my bed the entire year and I never used it. I just found laying on it extremely awkward and uncomfortable and it was just so big that it took up too much room on my already tiny Twin XL bed.

9. A laundry hamper

A stand-up laundry hamper is just going to take up way too much space that you don't have. Instead, invest in some nicely made laundry bags that you can put your dirty laundry in and just easily carry over to the laundry room. A lot of stores even make special bags that differentiate between lights, darks, and delicates so the sorting is already done for you before you do your laundry.

10. A vacuum

While the idea of having a vacuum is nice, and I myself have had one all three years, it just took up way too much room in my dorm and I later found out you could just rent one from the commons whenever you wanted to clean your floor. Most universities do have cleaning supplies for rent, such as brooms, swifters, vacuums, etc., so there's no need trying to fit all of those in your closet.

11. A million throw pillows

While they'll make your bed look cute, making your bed every single morning and remembering where to put the millions of decorative pillows can become very annoying, not to mention finding a place to put them whenever you turn down your bed.

12. Picture frames

While having tons of pictures in your dorm room is nice, and I say the more the merrier, bringing physical picture frames is just a waste because there's not much shelf or desk place to place them. Instead, find a cute wall decoration that holds photos or clips to hang them from your wall. It'll save a ton of space and also cover up those bare, ugly dorm room walls.

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