Roommates. We've all had them. Maybe it was your sibling(s) when you were younger, or someone you were randomly put with during college. Either way, a large majority of people have a roommate at some point during their life. Many people tell roommate horror stories of not getting along with each other, and it can be scary coming to college and hoping that doesn't happen to you. I got really lucky this year, and got one awesome roommate. So "thank you."

1. For cheering me on when school got tough

College can be difficult from time to time, but I can always count on you to wish me luck before a big test or a class presentation.

2. For taking care of me when I was sick

You brought me chicken noodle soup, Sprite, medicine, and all the fixins when I got sick, so you're basically the reason I got better.

3. For always being down for a night in to watch "The Bachelor"

Monday nights are "Bachelor" nights, and you always do your best to ensure we can watch it together, only to gossip about each girl on the show and whether or not we can actually see her with the guy. Also, you've never (at least outwardly) judged me for my belief that Ben Higgins is the love of my life, even though he doesn't know it yet.

4. For introducing me to your friends

I have so many more friends now because I've made friends with your friends. More people wave at me when I walk by them on campus compared to last year. So, thanks for sharing your friends. It's much appreciated.

5. For listening to my probably boring stories about people you know nothing about

Whether it's gossip about people I went to high school with, people in my classes, or characters from whatever show I'm watching on Netflix at the time, you always seem interested. Even though you're probably not.

6. For not getting mad no matter how many times I have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night

It's no secret I have the bladder the size of a pea, and have to get up AT LEAST once per night to use the bathroom. Even though I've woken you up multiple times, you don't ever get mad. Which is great considering I can't force my bladder to expand.

7. For our random internet quiz and nose strip nights

I'm so glad I know what mythical creature I am, how many kids I'll have in 10 years, and what I should name my children based on my taste in chocolate. I'm also glad my pores on my nose are clean thanks to those nose strips, which you introduced me to.

8. For sticking up for me

Several times you have stood up for me when someone tries to put me down or disagrees with something I've done or said. You always have my back, and I know you'll always take my side.

9. For supporting me in all my decisions, no matter how rash they are, or if you even like the decision being made

Me: "I've decided to make this super rash decision that you're probably not really going to like but I thought it through for about three-quarters of a second and I might regret it later but I've decided to do it and no one can change my mind."

You: "OK cool good luck and don't forget to let me know how it goes."

You've never once said "I told you so" when my previously mentioned rash decisions go bad, because let's be honest, you 100% could have and it would have been accurate.

10. For saying "yes" when I asked you if you wanted to live with me this year

If we're being honest, none of this would have ever happened had you not said you would live with me this year, which brings me to my final thank you. Thank you...

11. For agreeing to live with me again next year

We're gonna have so much fun, I can't wait!!

So to my roomie, I realize I probably don't thank you enough for how great you are. Thank you for being you and being awesome. You're the bomb.