Living with a roommate may seem like a daunting task, but when your roommate is your friend life is like a never ending slumber party. There are undoubtedly some highs and some lows, but ultimately it is an amazing experience. You learn simple things about each other, such as exactly how they take their coffee or what foot they put their sock on first. Although it may seem like you guys spend way too much time with each other, it can really only bring you closer.

1. Well, since you're living together you will most likely develop some similar mannerisms

Whether it be some interesting phrases, or odd habits, since you two are roommates AND friends you probably spend at least 24 hours a day with them, therefore only making sense that you'll morph into the same person.

2. Waking up after a long night to see your roommate across from you

Whether it be a long night studying or a late night out partying, nothing is more relieving than waking up to see your roommate also struggling from the lack of sleep the two of you experienced. You may be exhausted, but hey at least you're in this together.

3. There will never be a dull moment... ever

Even the simplest of tasks become an experience. From assembly line folding your laundry to excessively vacuuming your carpet, you have a built-in buddy to make the time go by faster!

4. You can share clothes and shoes and food and pretty much anything else

The closest store is only a closet away! Living together is a major task to accomplish, so undoubtedly you'll be close enough to share your roomie's clothes. Whether it be their extra set of rain boots or that cute shirt they wore to class, typically, what's theirs is also yours (as long as you ask).

5. You'll never have to go it alone whether it's a tough time...

There will be undoubtedly many trials and tribulations throughout your life, and while your family may not be there to comfort you, your roommate will be there to hold you tight. Whether it's something you just need to get off your chest or some late night bonding your friend will be there to comfort you.

6. ...or an amazing time.

You'll always have someone to share your successes with. Whether that are a massive deal, like landing your dream internship, or seemingly minute, like not touching the shower wall. You guys will have endless moments where you laugh, at some small thing, until your stomach hurts.

7. It is like having your own personal cheerleader.

Whether you're studying for a big exam or prepping for a date, you're roommate, although they can't take your test for you or sit in in your date, they will be cheering you on before, and either congratulating or comforting you after.

8. The jam sessions are ENDLESS.

Even if you disagree on certain genres, there will always be those classics that you can't help but jam out to not matter the time of day.

9. No matter how long you've been separated or what your day has been like you always will have each other.

Yes you guys may get into little arguments, it happens, but at the end of the day you'll always have each other to come back to.