Your bed has always got your back.

Had a rough day after class? Your bed can fix that. An argument with your boyfriend? Your bed is the move. Exhausted from an intense workout? Bed. Say no more.

When you need to leave the outside world and escape your reality for a bit, your bedroom is the best place to go.

There is no place like home. Home is where you are most comfortable. You can chill out after a long day, or just stay in bed all day if you want to take a self-care, lazy day.

With all this, make sure your room is suited to your liking, aesthetically, and hygienically. Choose colors for your bedsheets and decor that make you feel happy and at peace. Pastel colors are always a good go to and have a "calm" effect on the brain. My favorite color is blush things and I have a significant amount of blush things in my room, along with off-white (cream) and some tasteful gold decor. Your room is your place where your creativity can show.

Don't forget to make your bed every morning, it is the best way to kick start your day knowing you've made something right minutes after getting up. It gives you a small sense of pride, and you will continually feel encouraged to complete more tasks throughout the day.

Make sure that you are regularly cleaning it too: dust the furniture, decor, and fan blades, change your sheets once a week, vacuum the carpets (mop and sweep if you have hardwood floors). Use Windex on the mirrors, and furniture polish to keep it looking shiny and new. Life gets busy, but try to fold and put away laundry as soon as it's down to avoid wrinkles in your clothing.

And of course, you're never completely finished fixing your room until you light your favorite candle at the end.

At the end of each day, you should feel clean and peaceful enough to have a good night's rest. I highly recommend investing in a salt lamp if you don't already have one; I find that when I have mine is on I get better sleep (if you don't need to be in a pitch black room to sleep). Occasionally, I fall asleep with candles because I love the calming smells, (P.S.A. this isn't the best idea, but an oil diffuser can easily fix this problem.

The more you like the way your room looks and feels, the more comfortable you'll feel in it.

Make sure your room is, your sanctuary.