Why Go With The Best Toronto roofing company

Why Go With The Best Toronto roofing company

A good roofing expert will try to put up everything you need in a budget that is comfortable for you.

The most important, and yet the most overlooked structure in a construction is perhaps the roof, and often problem with the roof gets detected at last, when it’s already late. But as long as you are in Toronto, and have the Toronto roofing company experts to attend you in a call, you always have hope to rebuild a damaged roof, and construct a new one in no time. It’s all about expertise, knowledge, years of experience, and the use of the best technology, manpower, materials, and techniques. That is why, when you give your roofing project contract to the Toronto roofing company, you can simply rely and forget about all tensions. The most important part of your house, office, or commercial establishment will always be taken care of when you are teamed up with the experts.

Clearing confusions in choosing a roofing solution

One of the biggest confusion in choosing a roofing solution, specially when you are getting a new roof installed, is to choose the material and style. There are many choices in roofing material, and many of the materials are too versatile and flexible to go with several forms of architecture and building materials. Therefore you actually get multiple choices. While some are economic and durable, some are aesthetically charming and expensive. You get many choices and actually look for expert advises to choose the right one as per your budget, aesthetics, and requirement. That’s why you need experts on roofing, which you can get from the Toronto roofing company.

Sometimes the confusion is different. When you need urgent repairs for the roof, and you don’t know how to minimize the cost, or how to plan it such that the repaired roof stays on for years, then also you need expert advises. The Toronto roofing company is a perfect solution for all such things and can help you build or repair a roof in little time at budget friendly costing with total commitment towards maintenance of time and cost quotes and quality management.

A well built roof can serve you for nearly 30 years or more, and then again a repaired roof can serve you for more than 10 years without any issues. All you need is the right team to work on it. 

Structures on the roof

Sometimes you may be looking forward to utilize your roof more than just as a roof. For that you may want to install a swimming pool, a deck, a patio or gazebo type structure, or some terrace gardening systems etc. These also can be achieved in unison with a nice roof installation, when you have made your ideas clear with your Toronto roofing company experts.

A good roofing expert will try to put up everything you need in a budget that is comfortable for you, and would stick to the quotation of costing and timeline. That is how you also can detect a good company to work with, and the previous customer feedbacks stating these two helps you decide well.

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Make Schools Safe Again!

The entire country can agree that a change needs to happen to keep our schools and children safe again! 

What has worked in the past with school safety is no longer working.  We need to upgrade school safety with the times and make schools safe again for our children.  I am not a person who gets into politics but I am a mother that gets into keeping my children safe. I'm all for everyone having their own beliefs as long as their beliefs do not effect the safety of those around them.  Today that is not happening.  I have 3 issues currently that I am trying to figure out a solution for.  I need your help, heck the country needs your help!!  I have been asking people what can I do to make a change for our community?  These school shootings have GOT TO STOP!  Enough is enough.  Everyone is posting strong opinions on social media infuriated by the current situation.  The entire country agrees.  These shootings are horrific and every single parents greatest nightmare.  How do we make things change in our state and in our country?  Putting our feelings of frustration on social media is not enough.  Let us all band together and start finding ways to make schools and the community safer for our families.

I see 3 issues that need to be addressed.

1.  Mental Health- It is a national issue.  Kids, adults, whoever.  We are all dealing with the problems of people not having a stable mental state.   All these horrible shootings.  This effects every single family.  Not just the family of the murderer with mental health issues but everyone in the community.  This needs to not go under the radar any longer.  Mental health and having STRONG support in our schools should be part of curriculum at the earliest of levels.  This effects every single family in America.   Every single child should be exposed to learning these skills of: coping, empathy, suicide awareness, anger management and the list goes on and on.  The school districts just brush over this matter.  This is a full blown topic that needs to get full attention.  Not just for the kids that make it clear that they have problems but for all the kids that hide their issues too well for anyone to notice.  For all the kids that feel confident and mentally strong to become aware of those that are struggling and give them the skills to help their peers.  We can't just talk about this.  We need to make changes.  Curriculum needs to change.  How many hours do high school students spend memorizing specific skills that they will never in their life use again.  Take a fraction of those hours away and put their time in school to mandated mental health awareness.  Doing exercises and practicing these skills in an interactive way.  Not just memorizing material to pass tests.

2.  Gun control-clearly the laws as they are written forever ago are not working in the way they were intended to work.  The NRA has the voting representatives working solely on their behalf.  The laws today are not protecting us but leaving us completely vulnerable.  These military style rapid fire weapons causing mass deaths should never be allowed for sale to the public.  There is zero reason a civilian needs a weapon of that caliber.   Who can we talk to in our state to start making changes right here, right now.  A-15s and anything like them need to be banned.  Hunters you are not shooting animals with this gun.  Keep your rifles.  Keep your weapons that hold only a few bullets for "self protection" and "hunting".  Who can we talk to on the national level and state level?  Complaining on social media is getting us nowhere.  Let us all start doing something to make a change.  I would love to hear ideas on this topic of how to make a change Nationally and right here in Michigan.  Since we can not change the fact the NRA seems to be able to buy everyones vote in the capital let us do what we can to protect our children and our educators.

3.  Security officers in EVERY school-  I think an armed security guard (perhaps in plain clothes or completely visible) should be in every single school.  Times have changed and we need to change.  If we can't keep guns out of mentally unstable individual's hands (through failing security checks during gun purchases) then we need to be able to protect our children and our teachers.  I know most VA schools currently have armed security at the schools and places like Fairfax country in VA have an officer stationed in every secondary, high, and middle school.   I think it is time that concept goes national!  I am doing some research now to see how to go about doing this.  If you know of ways to get this idea infront of the decision makers in our schools please TELL ME!!  It is not fair to the educators or the kids to be sitting in these building helpless.  We need someone in each building with the sole job of protecting them.

Who has ideas of steps we can take towards making schools safe again!!

We all say if we could do something we would.  Lucky for you and me  I met a trained therapist this past week that has been working on issue #1 Mental Health for a few years now and has created a solution for this and countless other emotional issues kids have to sort through beginning in their school years.  Ryan Beale is his name and passion towards fixing this problem in schools in palatable when talking with him.  His program is called PrepareU. (Check out the website for this program:  https://www.therapy.live/PrepareU)  It is a 15 stage program built right into the health curriculum.   The program consists of workbooks, manuals, and videos for the students in addition to training manuals and videos to educate the health teacher on how to facilitate the curriculum.   This highly interactive program provides potential life saving emotional skills to the students in the school provided in an incredibly interactive supportive environment.  They actually just ran a course in West Bloomfield with outstanding results.  An interview with the school principal is on the website given above.  Ryan has been in front of school boards all over the country.  He feels in his educated and personal experience of losing his brother to suicide that giving kids the tools with how to cope in this unique 15 stage program can literally be life saving.  These skills can translate to more empathy, understanding, and anger management not just in school but in their home life as well.  These are life skills not just a skill to get an "A" on a test.  The program is designed to be as supportive as possible for the children enrolled.  Unlike a typical class with the kids all in desks facing forward the kids literally are in a circle at times as a trusting support group to their peers.  No child is looked over.  The goal of PrepareU  is that every freshman in high school has to do this mandated program and develop these emotional tools from the start.  Helping make kids more prepared to face the pressures and challenges that lay ahead.  To me it is genius.  His office is right here in Oakland county.  What an amazing day for me to see someone not just talking about a problem but doing something about it to make our community stronger.  

For those that respond to this with,  "Lets just let the kids sign up that need it."  This is what I have to say to you.  I disagree, and here is why....I'm going to give you a very personal example.  I was never a danger to the community but personally I was suffering.   In high school I was a star on the soccer team, breaking school records, and receiving scholarship offers from all over.  I had good grades, a boyfriends, friends.  Nobody knew that inside I was falling apart.  I have had anxiety my entire life and coping with my mom's spreading cancer that eventually killed her when I was just 22 was literally destroying my soul.  I was sad, scared, and lost.  Not to mention I felt completely alone with nobody to relate to.  I told myself one day if I ever am feeling healed from her loss and my sadness I will do what I can to help others in that same position so they too can learn the skills to help themselves.  Meeting the creator of PrepareU I felt for the first time this is the answer I have been searching for.  I never would have signed up on my own for a program like this if it was offered in high school because it would have shown a perceived weakness in my eyes.   My sadness was a secret.  I wish this program was around back then and I had been forced to attend it in high school back in the 90s.   As an adult I now know there were kids back then going through their own struggles whether it be bulling, abuse, anorexia, just not fitting in etc.  I just did not know it back then.  I didn't know I was not the only one feeling so lost.  How amazing if we had all been pulled together and given the tools to support one another.  The way I see it today, we could literally change mental health in our community.  Not to mention the suicide rates and countless other statistics.  

How does this apply to eliminating these horrible school shootings.  What if we can reach these troubled kids before they go so far off the deep end that they do something so dangerous to the entire school.  This programs is not just about that but that is a definite benefit to offering this kind of support to such moldable minds.

Who is interested in finding out more about this?  Write me your thoughts.   We can address the schools and get this started in them ASAP.  It is considered a "multi-facedeted   program designed to move the needle in mental health."  For parents of young kids thinking this might be too far out to concern you.  As discussed earlier in this blog, mental health effects the entire community.  Let us do what we can to make it as safe as we can for all families.  Wouldn't it be nice to have something already in place by the time your kids get to high school.  We all hear about the pressures that high school kids are facing.  I would much rather have it set up and in place working by then!  For those with older kids.  Let us get moving so your kids can benefit from this too!  

I ask all of you to please stop only voicing opinions and start doing something to make a change for the better in our community.  What can each one of us do to make things better.  If you have ideas that can help our community and make it a safer place I ask you to please share them with a strategy of who can we  talk with to make these changes happen.   As JFK so famously said, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!"  Tell me what to do.  I want to help!!

The website again about the mental health approach is:   https://www.therapy.live/PrepareU

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Why Does PETA Think It's OK To Damn People To Hell For Being A Part Of The "Meat Industry?"

We as farmers are honest, hard working, God fearing people.

Like many people across the country, I was very excited to watch the Super Bowl this year. I mainly watch it for the halftime show and the commercials, of course. Most of the commercials are rather lighthearted and funny; my favorite this year was Eli Manning dancing with Odell Beckham Jr because let's be honest, the Giants won the Super Bowl with that commercial and they didn't even play in it.

To land one of these commercials is rather hard. It costs around $5 million for a 30-second clip, and it's pretty competitive due to the Super Bowl being the most watched thing in America. Because of how competitive it is to get a spot to run a commercial, not every commercial makes it. However, some companies still regulate their commercials anyway.

One commercial that was not aired, thank goodness, was one by PETA.

This commercial depicted a man entering a church and going to the altar to beg for forgiveness because he was a part of the meat industry. The preacher encouraged him to confess all of his sins, and he then admitted to lying about the terms "free range" and "sustainable".

He also stated that "You can't get that many animals from farm to plate without doing shady shhhh... stuff." The preacher then proceeds to tell him to stop and the man assumes he is forgiven, so the preacher informs him that they have to draw a line somewhere and that he can't be forgiven for such sins. The commercial ends saying "Go Vegan".

Coming from a farming and faith-based background, there are so many things that are wrong with this commercial. For one, THESE TERMS AREN'T LIES! The commercial discussed chicken farming, and how they are kept in cages. I'm sorry, but I have been to chicken farms, and they have access to fields where they can roam.

Yes, there are fences. This is for the animals protection, as well as a way to keep the animals from roaming too far. To say that they are crammed in tiny cages their whole lives is inaccurate.This isn't just true for chickens, either; no livestock species is just put up in cages their whole lives.

In the commercial, the guy also says that he lied about the term "humanely killed". Farm animals are killed humanely! When they are butchered, it is almost instantaneous and the animals barely even realize anything.

The concept that we "couldn't get that many animals from farm to plate without doing shady shit" is also a fallacy. Farmers are under supervision. We have specific regulations that have to be followed; there is nothing shady about it. We are honest and fair in our trade.

To say that we are shady and don't do things the right way is so far from the truth.

Then, to end the video with the person being damned to hell is absolutely revolting. Think about who might have been watching that commercial! My guess is that there would have been a wide variety of people in the audience; some of them being children.

Who is PETA to give a child the impression that their mom or dad is damned to hell just because they are a farmer?

We as farmers are honest, hardworking, God-fearing people. We are only doing our part to ensure that the world will be able to eat in 2050, so people like those involved with PETA can make idiotic commercials that depict us in the worst possible way.

Also, to depict a preacher that way and to twist faith in that way is honestly sickening to me, but good news for you: God does forgive.

Next time, I would urge you to be more tactful and tasteful in getting your message across. Thank you and God bless.

Cover Image Credit: Katey Freeman

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