The 12 Types Of People You Find In Every Dysfunctional Group Chat

Group chats are a pivotal tool for every college student. They allow you to reach out to so many people at once. Want to grab lunch but don't want to text 14 people (if you're lucky enough to have 14 friends) separately? Group chat. Need to borrow a calculator before your calculus exam? Ask the group chat. Need entertainment? Text the group chat. There are many roles that go into having a successful group chat, each so important. Some more important than others.

The Chatty Kathy

This person is the first person to respond to anyone in the group chat. Sometimes they're the first one to talk at all. They could be lost in the depths of Siberia and still find service to reply. You need a pencil? Ask the group chat and they'll tell you right away from Siberia "sorry, I can't. I'm in Siberia." You know they're in Siberia. But you keep them in the group chat because otherwise, it would be dead without them.

The Meme Queen

This person loves all things memes. We all do, but this person knows about the newest memes before you do. Their camera roll is all memes and they wait for the perfect opportunity to send a reaction giphy in the group chat. They send you the stupid pictures that make you laugh in class, the laugh you have to suppress with a fake cough because professors can be scary. This person is just the pure entertainment factor.

The Best Friends

Everyone in the group chat is friends, but these people are best friends. When you want to make plans, only one is replying on behalf of both of them because they're always together anyway. They're harmless, but the occasional inside joke makes its way into the group chat and you're lost.

The Quiet One

Honestly, you forget this person is even in the group chat. When they reply, it's like the sun has just come out after 40 days of rain. Chatty Kathy is first to notice and say "WELCOME BACK, _________" and everyone rejoices. The Quiet One crawls back into their hole.

The Initiator

When the group chat is dying, this person is still trying. This is the kind of person you need in your life. They are always working to maintain that constant communication. Feel a friendship fading in the group chat? This person will text "hey" or "what's everyone doing?" to get everyone talking again. Keep them around.

The Mom

This person is very important to keep close to you. Need a scantron for you 8 AM exam? This person will meet you at 7:50 to make sure you get that scantron. When you don't know how to do your taxes, just casually mention you need help in the group chat you're completely lost. They'll know just where to start. Be sure you appreciate them and let them know they're appreciated, and while you're at it let your real mom you appreciate her too.

The Roaster

This is easily the funniest person of the group. Hope they never get their hands on a bad picture of you, because you'll be the target of their next roast. Perhaps people join in on the roast, but this person leads the roast and has the best roasts. Make sure you enjoy the roasts all in good fun, even when you're the roastee because let's face it. This person and the Meme Queen are the most entertaining people in the chat.

The Life of the Party

The Life of the Party will let you know is a fury of slurred voice messages and misspelled texts that they're enjoying their life to the fullest, even if they don't remember it the next morning. They're a ball of energy and keep you entertained when you're sitting at home rewatching the same series on Netflix for the third time.

The Coordinator

Not to be confused with The Mom, however, they can be the same person. This person is a planner. They'll plan out with plenty of time when everyone can get together so there can be a group chat, but IRL. This person has mastered the art of coordinating people's schedules.

The Drama Queen

This person will let you know whenever they're upset. Everyone should feel free to rant in the group chat, but this person does it far more than necessary. They irritate everyone in the chat, but the extraness and pettiness will come with some entertainment value sometimes.

The One Who is Always Behind

This person is so bad at group chats. Do they even care about reading your messages? Unlike The Quiet One, they reply. But hours later. Wanted to go to the gym at 5 PM with someone? This person will answer you at 9 AM the next day asking if you still want to go to the gym. Are timestamps even a thing on their phone?

The Butt of Every Joke

This person has unfortunately (for them) somehow been born with a trait that makes them so easy to tease. Perhaps they're very gullible, a little naive, or airheaded. You love them, but man do they make it easy to rag on them. With questions sent to the chat like "what's Obama's last name?" you can't help make fun of them. This person is the personal favorite of The Roaster, as they make their job that much easier.

No matter the role one plays in the group chat, they each keep it alive.

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