It's brought up time and time again. Someone in your friend group suggests that you go somewhere during the summer for a little road trip. Everyone nods in agreement and starts dishing out potential destinations and activities. You discuss the topic for a few days, but no headway is ever made on the matter. You forget about it about a week later and it probably won't be brought up again until the end of the summer when you look back on it all.

However, there are some circumstances in which your friend group actually executes the plans they make. A trip with your friends is unlike any other vacation you've ever taken. It can be to an amusement park a state away, or to a beach on the coast. Going away with your group of friends not only provides memories and pictures to last a lifetime, but the experience itself can strengthen your friendship when any sort of difficulties arise.

Being away with your group brings everyone closer because everyone is at their worst when they wake up super early to meet at the local gas station before you embark on your journey. You debate over who brings what snacks and what you're going to do first when you arrive at your destination. However, those little bickers are what takes your bond from one of friendship to one that resembles a family.

Exploring unknown territory with your squad can be an experience of a lifetime. It's an escape from anything going on at work, home and school. You can rely on your friends to take your mind off of the negativities in life for a few days while you grab some gas station food before venturing to the ocean and getting sand in places you didn't even know existed.

When you go on any sort of vacation, you typically go with people you consider important to you, whether it be family or friends. You wouldn't go away with people that you didn't really like or care about because you're allowing them to see you at your groggiest in the morning, your sleepiest in the evening and everything in between. Going on a trip with friends you hold dear symbolizes trust and strength in the friendship for that reason.

You can look at them as dependable when discussing the logistics and finances of everything, even if it doesn't always go according to plan. Vacation doesn't have to go according to plan. It's all about taking the moment and making it into a memory you'll forever hold close to your heart.

So grab your group and pack your bags, and make sure the car has gas because you definitely don't want to run out in some remote area. Or maybe you do, and you'll laugh about it years from now when you look back on what was one of the greatest adventures of your life.