Road Safety For Dogs

Road Safety For Dogs

Protect Your Pets


Driving safe is very important and when you are driving with a child the primary cause of concern for you is that the child remains safe. In a matter of seconds, an accident can take away the life of your loved, and this is something that now can be handled through technology and better and much improved sensors and fixtures. But may still be in the initial design phase, but they have suggested newer and much more improved technologically advanced versions of the superior dog car seat.

Why do we need time?

This may sound clichéd, but technology has had a significant impact on our lives from our safety gadgets to what we use for the protection of our kids. The need for technologically advanced car seat is very pressing, because the traditional dog car seats a few issues and some of them are:

• It is complicated to clean, due to multiple layers and attach-ins that make cleaning a very handful task.

• The many locks and clips make it difficult to detach or re-attach the car seat if in distress as they can cause the person to fumble and be confused.

• The material that is used is not very tough and can usually break in most serious of crashes.

The need for the time-tested model built using high technology is the breakthrough that we need. There are number possible sensors that could be built in to protect and prevent any kind of damage coming to the child. The number of possible sensors that can be used are:

1.A Pet minder.

  • This is the perfect device that you may need when you are travelling with your pets and CDC recommendations. The device needs to be strapped on to the shoulder of the Pets. The device is synced with a phone of a parent. Once the Pets travel to a certain distance away, a beep issues on the phone alerting them.

2.A GPS locator alert.

  • This is a device that you can very easily attach to your baby via a clip. Its lock mechanism is simple yet very secure. You can very easily open and close the lock. The tracker allows you to locate your child, it is weather, water and heat proof and hence allows you to locate and find your child even during severe crashes down the hill, or in remote areas.

3.An embrace sensor technology

  • This technology allows the parents to sync their car's movement with the baby. The built in sensors, allow the car seat to send distress signals to the emergency number that has been saved. In case the seat faces an impact of certain threshold or a sudden increase in temperature (during car collision situations), a call is placed to the emergency number sending the exact location. This has come very handy in majority of the cases.

Things parents look for when buying a car seat

The car seat is one of the significant investments that parents make and they make their decisions with a lot of care and thought after gathering reviews and opinions. Some of the key things that parents look for when buying a car seat are:

1. The age of the child for whom they are getting the car seat for dogs.

2. The height and weight of the child for whom they are buying the car seat.

3. The routes and the frequency of their travels and terrain that they usually travel to or on.

4. The built in sensors are all in working condition and can be easily synced with the smart phone.

5. The seat to be purchased should have been tested multiple times for crash safety to ensure that the baby remains safe during accidents.

Combining all these aspects with technology can help improve the statistics of child deaths during accidents and ensure that every parent is a happy parent.

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8 Things You Need To Know About Selling On Redbubble

Everyone buys their stickers from Redbubble, but have you ever wanted to be the one making them?

As someone who loves to fool around in Photoshop and Illustrator, I saw Redbubble as a chance to flex my skills as a graphic designer. The massive popularity of them provided me with an opportunity to make a little money on the side doing something I not only enjoyed but could do when the mood struck me. It seemed like a win-win, but there were a few things I wish I knew before I started making stickers.

1. Don't expect to be rolling in dough.

It took a month and maybe 10 different designs before I sold any of my stickers. I joined in October of 2017, and I have sold about 20 stickers.

2. Redbubble stickers are expensive for a reason.

At this point, I have sold about 20 stickers which may seem like a lot, until you find out how much I make per sticker. The artist sets how much they make after Redbubble’s share, so artists can set it as low as 0% profit (which means the sticker sells for $2.29).

3. Buying 10 and getting 50% off is great when you're the one buying the stickers...

...but it sucks when you’re the one selling them. I make an average of 20% per sticker, so when you buy my $2.75 sticker for $1.38, I only make 23¢.

4. Make things you would buy.

If there’s something you want to buy, but it doesn’t exist, make it. Keep in mind as well that if you wouldn't buy it, odds are that not too many other people would.

5. Try to offer variations.

You might make a design in blue and love it, but consider offering it in different colors. Someone might love the design but hate the color.

6. Make your designs as versatile as possible.

Redbubble is primarily known for its stickers, but your designs can be put on anything from a poster to a wall clock. Take advantage of that because more expensive items mean you make more for the same design when they sell.

7. Keywords are KEY.

You want your designs to be as visible as possible, so take advantage of all the tools they give you. Try to tag your design with anything that might relate to it; you want it to pop up in as many tags as possible.

8. Do your research.

If you are interested in making something, search one of the keywords and see how many results there are for it. Sometimes there is a need, and you can fill it.

I have enjoyed my time on Redbubble nonetheless, and I recommend it to anyone who likes to design or draw. It’s certainly not a good way to get rich quick, but I enjoy it. Every time someone purchases one of my stickers, I feel this rush of pride in knowing someone liked something that I designed. That's a big reason why I continue to put designs on Redbubble.

Cover Image Credit: Meagan McDowell

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Labor Unions Are Integral To Our Country, And They Need Our Help

Organized labor has been a staple of this country for generations, and its' decline is forever associated with various declines in our standard of living.


USW, UAW, Teamsters, AFSCME. Those may just sound like odd names to many, but to me and many American workers, they are the myriad labor unions that have been integral to our country and its' blue-collar population. They have helped in many ways to defend workers, give them good benefits plans, and to protect their salary and ability to work from corporations.

Now? They have been in decline for decades, and sit at just 10.7% of all workers according to U.S. government estimates. This is a remarkably low number for the United States' workforce and is also another sad part of the economic stagnation of the U.S. since union membership began to collapse.

It might seem a bit odd to believe that unions and income inequality would be linked: you would expect that, maybe as a gesture of goodwill, corporation executives might offer better benefits to retain talent.

This could not be further from the truth. Studies have indicated that unions have a positive effect from members to nonmembers.

In a study conducted measuring average household income from 1973-2015, researchers found that there was a robust correlation between income inequality and union decline. In fact, the study found that the wages of nonunion workers would have been 3-7% higher if union membership rates were noticeably higher.

This dramatic increase in income inequality can be attributed to multiple factors: increasing automation, workers being reduced to performing increasingly less-intricate tasks, outsourcing, college-degree preference and so on. However, as time has gone on and research has been conducted, unions have been shown to benefit society and counter income inequality via actions such as fighting for broader access to healthcare, which has been a key facet of income inequality.

Though unions are far weaker now than they have been historically, we have still seen their power: In Los Angeles, unions were able to help negotiate better pay and funding for school teachers. In West Virginia, unions were center-stage as the many teachers who wanted more money were granted by the governor.

As one can see, unions still have a part to play in our country and its' economy.

Unions remain integral to how we function. Without unions, many of the benefits, payment plans, and healthcare options would not exist. And that is why I am partial to unions: unions allowed for socioeconomic ascendancy, a better life for families, and a chance to live a good life despite not having the luxury of a college degree.

In a time where the world is saturated with degrees and not enough trade school workers, unions might just become essential yet again. I, for one, would welcome that. As a kid from Ohio, union workers are prevalent, and protecting them now and later is integral.

Support your local to rebuild the American dream.

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