Fall is the perfect season for climbing up in the truck and going for a drive around the back roads. Whether it be to check out the fallen leaves, to enjoy the last few days of nice weather, or to simply relax, a drive through the country will soothe your soul. But, be sure to turn on the radio and listen to a few (or all) of these new country songs from some of country biggest and rising stars. These songs will have you reflecting on life, thinking about falling in love, and thanking God for granting you another day to drive around his countryside.

1. Cole Swindel "Chevrolet DJ"

A catchy song about a pretty girl riding shotgun. It doesn't get more country than that.

2. Cody Johnson "Wild As You"

Whether you're riding around with someone special or driving around alone, this song is sure to make you want to fall.

3. Jon Langston "All Eyes On Us"

A song this catchy is perfect for a drive through the country. Just check it out - trust me, you'll be glad you did. (Especially if you're a Jon Langston fan).

4. Miranda Lambert "Keeper of the Flame"

Miranda doesn't disappoint with her new song. She opens up about her own vulnerabilities in a way that causes listeners to reflect on their own life and personal struggle. What better time to listen to a song life choices than while driving down roads that could lead you to anywhere you could ever want to go.

5. Jason Aldean "One We Won't Forget"

This is one of the new songs on Jason's new album released in early October. Honestly, don't just listen to this song, listen to the entire album while driving around. It's that good.

6. Justin Moore "Pick-Up Lines"

You can't go wrong listening to the twang of country's redneck, Justin Moore. It's all about a pick up truck being used as a pick-up line, classic song for a classic first date of driving around wherever the roads lead.

7. Florida Georgia Line "Music is Healing"

This is easily one of Florida Georgia Line's greatest songs yet. It speaks volumes about the impact that music has on our lives. Plus, with a beat like the one this song has you'll find yourself playing it on repeat.

8.Cam "Down This Road"

In this song, Cam describes the feeling that we all have when driving down an old familiar road like the ones we grew up on. Even when you're life is a crazy mess, this song will remind you of the simple life that you once knew.