Riverdale: A New Look At Jughead

Riverdale: A New Look At Jughead

Jug’s sass is everything I hoped for and everything I want more of.


In my last review of “Riverdale,” I stated:

“Jughead’s brooding exterior, mysterious vibe, and somehow attractive facial features are what keep me watching this show.”

My theory continues to ring true after the airing of the second episode titled: “Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil.” Jughead’s exterior is what makes me want to watch this show, more so than any other character as I have stated before. However, I am not here to recount what I have said in the past, I am here to talk about Jughead’s expansion as a character within the second episode. Do we get more of Jughead and will he have more of a personality within these forthcoming episodes? Well, I guess we are about to find out.

"Riverdale" the sweet, wholesome town where Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, and Betty Cooper live. Where nothing goes wrong and everyone ends up with the guy they want. False. Riverdale is a new and improved, mysterious town, involving dark secrets and murders. Well, one murder so far but two are looking to be in the near future.

You can check out what happened last time here. However, we are starting with what is happening here and now in episode two.

Just the Beginning

We start off with Jughead. The mysterious, off-putting Jughead. Talking about the body that surfaced from an old student, Jason. The mystery has still yet to be solved and the secrets are only getting bigger. Archie sleeping with the music teacher, Miss Grundy? Jason being shot instead of drowning? What more do we need to solve?

Speaking of Jughead, he gets more than one sentence this episode and we get some personality too. Jughead is talking to Archie and his personality is quite standoff-ish, he has a very cynical and sarcastic way of being. When Jughead is on-screen it makes me, as a watcher, want to see more of him; so, therefore, I watch the entire episode to see more of him. It’s a good tactic they are using with this show. Especially for watchers who are like me and love Jug.

Jughead mentions July 4th and wonders why Archie bailed on him at the last minute on their hangout during the summer. (Subtly accusing Archie of murdering Jason, when we all know he was boning the music teacher instead.) Jughead catches Miss Grundy and Archie redhanded in the music room.

The reason why I enjoy Jughead in this series so much is because he is that sneaky character. Jughead messes with no one and does not talk to anyone, which then results into him catching everyone doing every bad thing. No one hears him coming and half of the time no one knows he’s there. To do that effectively is one hell of a good acting job, so thank you, Cole Sprouse. I have a lot to say about this relationship with Miss Grundy and Archie that makes me very uncomfortable; but, I will let the rest of the internet do that for me.

At the end of the day, who is Veronica to tell Betty anything about anything! Veronica totally kissed Archie knowing Betty was in love with him and that does not call for a good friend… at all. Then again, who is Archie to be an ass after sleeping with a teacher and kissing Betty’s new-found best friend? So many questions to be asked. And, no answers. However, Cheryl is still annoying, there’s no new update on that.

Archie VS. Jughead

The relationship between Archie and Jughead is stiff, to say the least. Stiff in a way that you know something has happened in the recent past. They used to be good friends, as you can sense from this chaotic conversation and relationship they have at this said moment. As a watcher, it makes you wonder what the hell is going on with these two and what happened to mess up a good friendship.

Is it because Jug is who he is and that is an off-putting, cynical dude who does not care about what anyone thinks? Possibly. Archie is the cool guy, the football player who everyone loves. Archie seems like the friend that would not want to be around someone so offensive and cynical. The only time Archie and Jug ever talk is when no one is around. Weirdly enough.

When you hit the scene where Jughead is confronting Archie about the teacher-student relationship on Archie’s porch. This is where you see a breakthrough in Jug’s character. You see his relationship with Archie deteriorating in a span of two minutes. You get the vibe that Jughead means well and when he and Archie used to be good friends – it was something that he cherished.

However, it seems to be pointing at Archie as the reason why they are no longer friends. The moment Archie threatens Jughead, he realizes that this is not the friendship he used to have. It is not the friendship he used to have and he does not want the friendship from “new” Archie any longer. The battle thus begins after this confrontation on Archie’s front porch

Jug and Archie are not on good terms, but Archie, as always, trying to do his skewed version of the “right thing” comes trying to save him.

Jug’s sass is everything I hoped for and everything I want more of. Jug is honest, sassy and a damn good human being; but, his friendship with Archie needs some reworking and he understands that. Friendship ain’t easy. Tell me about it, Jug.

Sidenote: Reggie has some masculinity problems. We need to figure this out for his sake. Masculinity is in the air when two football players start fighting over a simple comment made from Jug. Archie’s father aside from Jug himself are my two favorite characters of the show. Archie’s dad is sweet and nice. Good for him.

I feel like Cheryl killed her brother, Jason. However, somehow, that seems to be too easy of a choice. So, we will see what happens next Thursday at 9PM PST.

“For one shiny moment, we were just kids” - Jughead.
Cover Image Credit: hiddenremote

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