10 Rising Artists That You Definitely Should Be Listening To In 2020

There are always new artists to discover. Here's some of the best that have started releasing tracks in the past few years.

1. Omar Apollo

A 22-year old singer-songwriter from Indiana, whose mix of psychedelic production and English and Spanish songwriting about heartache have brought him into the spotlight.

Most popular song: Kickback

Breakout song: Ugotme

If you like what you hear, check out: Frío

2. Scarypoolparty

His debut album 'Exit Form' is rooted in electronic sounds ranging from garage house to EDM to soaring acoustic-pop, all guided by Aranda's soulful vocals.

Most popular song: Out Loud

Breakout song: Out Loud

Recommended: Tonight

3. Rosalía

You've probably already heard of Rosalía, who has collaborated with artists such as J Balvin, Ozuna, James Blake, and Travis Scott. What you may not realize from her more mainstream hits is truly what an amazing vocalist and storyteller she is. Her solo albums are definitely worth the listen.

Most popular song: Con Altura (ft. J Balvin and El Guincho)

Breakout song: Malamente

To delve deeper into her roots: Aunque Es De Noche

4. Rich Brian

When Rich Brian put out 'Dat $tick' almost four years ago, admittedly we all kind of took it as a joke. However, now with a new stage name and a deal with 88Rising, this self-taught artist has really grown into his own style, and we can't wait to see what he launches next.

Most popular song: History

Breakout song: Dat $tick

Recommended: Drive Safe

5. half•alive

When indie pop band half•alive first starting putting out music, they were compared to 21 Pilots. However, they are making a name for themselves with their well choreographed music videos and relatable lyrics.

Most popular song: still feel.

Breakout song: still feel.

Recommended: arrow

6. Rina Sawayama

Rina is a rising British-Japanese pop artist who produces glittery synth bangers.

Most popular song: Cherry

Breakout song: Cyber Stockholm Syndrome

Recommended: STFU!


21-year-old Tucker Pillsbury is better known under the moniker ROLE MODEL. He started making music after a bout of depression following a skiing accident, and much of his lyrical content draws on the resulting period.

Most popular song: hello!

Breakout song: minimal

For a different vibe: i don't rly like you

8. Crumb

Crumb, a band formed in Boston when the members were college students, put out psychedelic rock that is trippy af.

Most popular song: Locket

Breakout song: Locket

Recommended: Bones

9. Monsune

A Toronto native and self-made artist in his own right, Monsune independently creates his own music and proudly directs his own visuals.

Most popular song: Nothing in Return

Breakout song: Nothing in Return

Recommended: Outta My Mind

10. Phum Viphurit

Thai singer-songwriter Phum Viphurit pulls inspiration from a variety of musical genres, including soul.

Most popular song: Lover Boy

Breakout song: Lover Boy

Recommended: Hello Anxiety

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