Read This Before You Call My Ripped Jeans "Trashy"
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Before you Deem my ripped Jeans as 'trashy,' Try This On For Size

Just so you know, I don't have the luxury of finding the perfect jeans on store, when I find a pair I like, I don't NOT buy them just because they are ripped or torn-up.

Before you Deem my ripped Jeans as 'trashy,' Try This On For Size

The last time I actually purchased a pair of turn-key jeans was probably the 7th grade. And no, I'm not kidding.

It was much easier to fit into jeans back then.

Now that I've grown up, I wear a very specific type of jeans: high-waist, short, and skinny. The fact that there are three variables in this equation suggests that it would be impossible to find jeans that fit these standards. And you would be correct to assume that.

So when it comes to finding a pair of jeans, after digging through piles of denim and trying on an endless amount of pants in cramped dressing rooms, I guess I'm the bad guy for settling for a pair of otherwise perfect jeans with a few rips in the knees. So be it.

Seriously, why is everyone so concerned with eradicating the torn denim on my body?

When it comes to the ripped jeans I wear almost daily, I feel personally victimized by individuals of every generation. The stigma surrounding ripped jeans in our society is completely outdated and ridiculous.

And FYI, some people don't have a choice when it comes to buying ripped or non-ripped jeans.

Let me paint a picture for you. For example, when I hear a professor or employer snarkily say "AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT WEARING RIPPED JEANS!" when they discuss the expected dress code for an upcoming class event or a potential job, I cringe a little. "Um, what am I supposed to wear then? That excludes almost all of my closet...and any chance of feeling confident with myself while doing X task..." I think to myself.

When I visit my grandparents and my dear, sweet, funny, wonderful grandpa tells me that he's going to take me to Walmart to shop for new jeans, I laugh but also cry on the inside. Well, Grandpa, the truth is that Walmart doesn't even sell the kind of jeans I need. Been there, done that.

Even when my husband and I go to the most mundane of places, I feel people staring at the holes in my jeans and judging me. Words like trashy, dirty, scurvy, unprofessional, and improper come to mind. But why?

Again, folks, it's just torn fabric. At least I am wearing pants!

Now, I'll admit--some of my jeans have HUGE rips in the knees. But that's because they have been worn over and over again throughout the years.

Yes, the holes have stretched a bit. The rips have worsened with time. But they are my favorite jeans! They fit me well, and I feel like my best self when I wear them.

Simply put, it's like they were made for me. And I'm not just going to stop wearing them because it bothers you. That would be stupid.

So, why does it bother you so much? Are you uncomfortable with the sight of my knees and legs? Because newsflash: dresses and skirts ALSO display the knees and legs quite prominently, yet apparently even they are workplace appropriate.

The next time you see me out on the street, laughing and joking with my husband and family, don't look past my face. Don't even look at my jeans, because to do so would read too far into my character. My jeans are simply the ones I ended up with after years of struggling to find the perfect denim for my body shape.

I found my perfect fit, and now I shine. I'm not afraid of the stereotypes or of others' pettiness. Criticize my jeans all you want, but you should realize that my story goes so much deeper than that.

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