Driving for a ride share company is a gamble. You might get a great passenger, someone who is clean and courteous or you might get a complete troll. You could rack up $100 in a couple of hours, do you could sit in your car for hours making $3 at a time. To be frank, while driving for Uber or Lyft can be a great way to earn extra cash, it does have it downsides. The main one, you ask? THE PASSENGERS!

1. If there is something wrong, let us know.

If the temperature isn't right or the seat belt is caught. Let us know. We can't fix things we aren't aware of and its not fair to knock us on the ratings for things we can easily take care of. Please understand that your low rating significantly affects our livelihood. Ratings determine the amount of passengers we get and the amount of passengers we get directly affect how much money we make. Also, don't do or ask permission to do illegal things. We need to obey the law. For these ride share companies, anything under a 5.0 is basically a fail. Actually, a 4.6 rating puts us on probation and a 4.0 gets us kicked off the app. So if you're giving us a low rating, please make sure it's for something legitimate. Don't play with our means of making money.

2. Sit in the back seat.

We understand if there are multiple riders and someone has to sit up front, but when you're riding solo, please sit in the back. Otherwise, it's awkward for us, and just as you are nervous about getting into a strangers car, we are nervous about strangers getting into our car.

3. Don't smoke before you get in my car.

Or, drink! It stinks, the smell gets into our seats, future passengers can smell it, and they will give us a lower rating for it!

4. If you need to make multiple stops, put it in the app.

Yes, we get paid by the mile, but we like to have the address in the GPS so we know where we are going and so the app can track us properly. If you can't figure out how to add multiple stops to your ride, ask your driver. Remember we aren't your personal chauffeur, so please stop with all of that, "hey, do you mind pulling into this gas station?" and "can we stop at the bank?" We don't get paid when we are sitting in the car waiting for you to make a deposit.

5. Don't slam my door.

Would you want someone slamming yours? Have some respect for other people's property.

6. Tip us.

No, tipping isn't required, but if you know you gave us a hard time, or had us wait or make extra stops, its courtesy. Remember this isn't a taxi, this is our own car that we have to put gas in. Also, we aren't able to see ahead of time where you are going, nor are we allowed to cancel rides once we see how far it is. That being said, if you're going more that 40 minutes away, you can spare an extra $2. Plus, you tip your cabbie, right?

7. Control your children.

Feet down, butts in seats, please! Your car (if you have one) may be covered in Cheerios with foot prints everywhere, but please understand that this isn't the way other people like to live their lives. That being said, if your children do make a mess, CLEAN IT UP.

8. Don't make a mess.

If you're going to eat (which we prefer you didn't) please do so quietly and calm down on the crumbs. We don't always have the opportunity to examine or clean out our back seats between rides, so we have to trust that you left it clean for the next passenger, who again, will give us a low rating for whatever trash you left behind.

9. Don't be rude.

As I keep stating, you're in our car and our space. When you get in, greet us! and when you get out, say, "goodbye." Be polite. Also, check your attitude. If something is wrong, let us know politely, but there's no reason so make us feel uncomfortable in our own space.

10. Don't harass us.

Using ride share is a great way to meet people, but only if they want to be met. If you're speaking to your driver, don't get personal. Most of us are just trying to make money. That being said, there are more and more women driving for Uber and Lyft. If you're a male passenger, DON'T HARASS her! If she is not showing interest in having a conversation with you, leave her alone. Don't make her feel uncomfortable. And chances are she has a weapon....don't make her use it.

11. Be on time!

If you're not ready, don't request the ride. The whole point is for the closet driver to get matched with you, so often times, we are there in under 5 minutes. For us, time is money, so if we have to sit outside your apartment for 10 minutes, that's an entirely different ride we could have picked up.

12. Don't cancel the ride.

Don't request a ride, if you aren't sure you need one. If we are en route or already at your location, and you cancel the ride, we don't always get paid. Not only have you waste our time, but you've wasted our gas, and money if we could have picked up someone else. I've had a guy cancel his ride after I had already notified him that I was in his drive way. It took a lot out of me not get out of my car . . .

13. Don't get into my car drunk.

It's true that rideshare is often presented as an alternative to driving home drunk, but drunk passengers are not only rude, but distracting. Would you want a drunk stranger in your car? We are not obligated to service you if you are rude or belligerent and it is not our duty to take care of you if you are sick or can't walk by yourself. Also, more often than not, you don't know where you are going and I'm not going to drive around in circles with you. Sober up before you get into my car.

14. Request a larger vehicle.

If you need more space, request a larger vehicle. Stop being cheap by cramming people into my car. If you get me pulled over, I WILL report you to the app.

15. Don't send me to the wrong pick up location.

The app is pretty simple and straight forward, figure it out and don't have me driving back and forth across town to pick you up. I don't get paid for that. If I notify you that I'm outside your door and you don't see me...come to my location. I am where YOU told the app you wanted me to go.

16. Stop requesting rides from the middle of the damn street.

I am not stopping in the street to pick you up on the street corner. I am not a John and you are not a hooker (I hope.) Pick a building with a parking lot or drive way because I am not getting honked at or pulled over for you.

17. Figure out how to request rides from the airport!

Literally, there I signs on how to do so posted almost everywhere. There is a designated ride share pick up area. I am not your homegirl or your cousin, I will not drive back and forth going in and out of the pick up area waiting so see if some random person whom I have never seen before is waving me down.

18. No, I will not change the station.

If you get into my car, you will be listening to Toni Braxton's Pandora station the entire ride. Simple as that!

19. Don't backseat drive.

Or, try to out speak the nice GPS lady. She knows where you want to go and she will get us there. Sit back, shut up and Instagram on your phone, please.

20. Don't freak out if you see us going the wrong direction within seconds of requesting the ride.

9/10 we are already traveling in the opposite direction to where you are or at a stop light in the wrong lane. Give us minute to turn around or cut through a neighborhood to get on track. Remember that we actually do have a GPS leading us to you. Also, just because you don't see us moving on the app, doesn't mean we aren't on our way...especially during rush hour. We do get caught in traffic and we do unfortunatly get stopped by the same stoplight multiple times.

And please note, the same way you can rate us, we can rate you. And with enough negative rating, you will lose your Uber and Lyft accounts.