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10 Things Only People Who Live In The South Understand

Everything is better below the Mason-Dixon line.

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There are some things in life that can only be learned once you cross the Mason-Dixon line and find yourself on the greatest place in America; The South.

1. Iced tea

It's sweet. And I'm not talking about a little sweet, I'm talking tons of sugar sweet. Even if you don't like sweet tea like me (I know it's weird), you still have to know how to make good sweet tea, which I do.

2. Pronouns

Y'all. For most of my life I refused to use this word because I thought I would sound like a hick, but one day I did and it changed my life forever. Now if I tried to stop saying y'all, I probably couldn't. It's the perfect word.

3. Hair

Hair is one of a southern woman's most prized possessions. I'm extremely protective of my hair, I have worked long and hard to get it to where it is today. And when it comes to hair, the bigger the better. You know what they say, the higher the hair, the closer to heaven. Just look at Dolly.

4. Koozies

Every good southern person has one, or a whole collection, and has one with them the majority of the time. How else are you supposed to keep your beer cold?

5. Humidity

There is nothing else in the world like humidity in the South. If you have been standing outside for five minutes and already feel all hot and sticky, you know you've made it.

6. BBQ

You have not had real barbecue unless you've had it in the South, and the best comes from little run-down, hole in the wall, family run restaurants. That's that.

7. Boots

Cowboy boots, they're a way of life for most people, and appropriate for almost any occasion.

8. Two Seasons

We have hot and cold. Spring and fall basically just don't exist.

9. Tailgates

Football games are an all day event, and tailgates are nothing like you've ever seen before.

10. Pride

People that have so much pride for the South, America, anything they've ever fought for, and everything red, white, and blue.

I use a lot of sarcasm and walk too fast. Try to keep up.

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