Review: Churchill's 'A Number' By The Stony Brook Theatre Arts Department

Review: Churchill's 'A Number' By The Stony Brook Theatre Arts Department

My take on Stony Brook's performance of one of Churchill's most notable plays.


SALTER: Frank Murdocco (‘18)

B1, B2, Michael Black: Digby Baker-Porazinski (‘21)

Creative Ensemble: “Cissy” Ge, Daniel Martinez, Jessica DiPaola, Brian Bernhard, Heath Canfield, Yiru

Director: Steve Marsh

Director Steve Marsh took full advantage of the lack of stage setting and direction and sets the scene in what seems to be a New York City apartment owned by Salter. A majority of the show is director’s choice and the creative ensemble is widely used throughout the play.

The play begins with a prologue scene that includes a news broadcast of a scientist explaining the difference between in vitro fertilization and cloning and the implications they come with, followed by scientists in lab coats cloning the first sheep (a huge achievement in science). Scene 1 doesn’t start until 20 minutes into the show, which I thought was a very intriguing approach to such a short play.

Porazinski’s approach to both B1, B2, and Michael Black was absolutely brilliant. He understood the role very, very well and deserved a standing ovation.

Murdocco himself also had a really fantastic performance as well (senior, makes sense). Seeing Salter in real life gives "A Number" a much more meaningful perspective. Although B1 and B2 are twins, Porazinski lets us know that they are actually quite different people. They wear different clothes, sound differently, and have different intentions.

Marsh decides to make B1 and club-goer and heroin addict, a transition that is shown before scene 2, while B2 is an academic who fears for his life. All the holes seen in the script are covered by transitions from one scene to the other, using various types of R&B and pop music. Salter also treats both differently. Salter lets B2 know that there is nothing to worry about, while Salter, in his soliloquy with B1, actually violently chokes him and throws B1 across the stage.

The most confusing yet interesting scene is when Salter actually retreats to the forest, away from the city, to meet Michael Black (another director’s choice.) Also, Michael Black is dressed exactly like Salter and drinking the same cup of Starbucks, an unbelievable and thoughtful idea of imagery. Michael Black is actually quite humorous and Porazinski does a great job making Michael Black the perfect outsider to this quite incredible plot. The mirrors during the transition, however, confused me greatly, as I never got the concept of Autumn leaves and the fall season intertwined with the mirrors.

Salter is seen looking the every single one of them and each actor of the creative approaches Salter very differently. Some mirror actors approach him scared, some approach him in a very aggressive manner, others approach him quite normally. Salter himself also has a different approach to each mirror. He would look at his reflection in each and everyone of them, as well as interact with the individuals holding the mirrors, which I found very interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and a job well done by the actors!!

Cover Image Credit: Stony Brook University

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9 Reasons That Season 2 Of 'The Good Doctor' Is Better Than 'Grey's Anatomy'

If you're a Grey's fan you haven't seen NOTHING yet!


I started on this show last year and it has truly become an obsession of mine.

1. Character Development

Shaun and Lea become roommates!


In the first season we meet all these different doctors. Some good, some bad, some that we don't know why they are their. Season 2 is developing characters and making them feel like real people!

2. Plot Twists

St. Claire gets a surprise visit.


I don't remember Grey's having major plot twists that made me bite my nails and sit on the edge of my seat like I have through the second season of "The Good Doctor".

3. Cliff Hangers

Cliff Hangers


Every show does it, but this season the Cliffhangers are to die for. I have it on the DVR so I'm bingeing season two at the moment. Sleep is for wimps! LOL

4. Shaun Murphy is my New Sheldon

Hugs are difficult for Shaun and Sheldon


Sheldon from the big bang theory is essentially just like Shaun. The Idiocracies of both characters make Shaun familiar and therefore I relate to him even more.

5. Episode Themes

Dr. Park and his family reunited.


Each new episode of this season deals with real-world issues like, Anti-Vaxxer parents, Anorexic patients, Patients that were overweight and the doctors dealing with their own life issues. This really is relatable.

6. Morgan becomes human, Finally!

Morgan is finally showing that she really does care.


I have been watching Season 2 for the last two days and FINALLY, Morgan has become a real girl. She showed emotion about something instead of acting like a heartless doctor.

7. Life Message

Life Message


Whether you look at it from the patients POV or the doctors, this show gives an abundance in real world problems. The residents solve patient issues by working together as a team and coming up with a solution. They have disagreements but any group of people working together does.

8. Addresses Autism

Too much noise and Dr. Murphy can't think.


Shaun Murphy, MD is autistic but it doesn't hold him back. He is challenged but always works through the problem. He empathizes with some patients while others not so much. He doesn't let his disability hold him back.

9. Shows the ugly side of disease.

Glassy has hallucinations of his dead daughter post brain surgery.


Not in every episode is the patient saved from their illness. Dr. Glassman had a brain tumor, a patient dies of Leukemia, surgeries go wrong. It's not all well-wishes on The Good Doctor and that's what makes me like it so much.

Ever since the first episode, I have been a fan of Dr. Murphy's. Every episode of this show is better than the last and I recommend it to all you Grey's fans, you won't be disappointed.

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