I was never a fan of podcasts that are fictional. The idea of listening to a story for a few episodes never really appealed to me. It was too much like an audiobook.

So when I stumbled onto the podcasts section of the iTunes store, and noticed a new podcast called "14 Days with Felicity," with an animated handcuffs as the cover, I was surprisingly intrigued. I clicked on the link, and sure enough, it was a satirical look at Felicity Huffman's 14 days in jail for the college admissions scandal.

I found this kind of funny, so I clicked on the first episode. And it did not disappoint. It takes place during the 14 days Felicity spent in jail, and if she had snuck her phone in to do voice memos and make any necessary calls. Felicity attempts to make herself a better person and reconnect with her loved ones, and make sure they don't fuck things up.

The episodes are quick and very funny. They are a well-written look at the college admissions scandal, so you don't need to be extremely informed on the situation in order to find this funny.

I highly recommend this podcast for almost anyone who needs a good laugh.