A Revelation

A Revelation

Everything happens for a reason

Have you ever sat in your bed at 2 a.m. and just contemplated life? Wondered how you got so lucky, or unlucky, why you lost the things/people you did, or why you deserve the people you have? Life is a funny thing, I like to think of it as a game, no one comes out unscathed, but everyone comes out with some kind of wisdom, a greater knowledge of how things work and how we all came to be the people we are today.

To have the things I do today, I had to lose a lot, and I mean a lot. Would I go back if i had the chance to re-live everything and make different decisions to save myself the pain, or at least some of it? Absolutely not.

No, I am not 40 years old.

I don't have all my shit together yet, but I've been through enough to know that nothing that happens in life is a coincidence. Everyone that is in your life, whether they take their coats off and stay a while or walk away just when you truly started to understand them, serves some purpose- some greater meaning.

My high schools years weren't the greatest, when the good was good it was great, and when the bad was bad, may no one go through what I did. My senior year of high school was the worst, to me it felt like I was losing parts of myself to things I didn't understand. While I'm happy to take care of others and put them before me, I realized that that was my biggest flaw.

In trying to love others I forgot to love myself.

College came around and it gave me the strength I needed, that little push to realize that I'm the most important person in my life, and through loving myself and my life, I attracted better and kinder people.

After almost five years of ups and downs with the wrong person, my best friend - my true and constant love - walked back into my life and showed me how beautiful it could be. I made new friends after old friends left, and I laughed more than anything else.

You may be a little lost reading my story, wondering what it has to do with a "revelation," and here I'll tell you:

You would never know to cherish the warmth of the sun if you never felt the cold from the storms. There are plenty of people in the world who have been through worse, and while this isn't my whole story, the one thing I know for certain is that if I went back in time and changed even just one move, I might not have the life I do today; the life I've always wanted full of happiness, love, friends, family, and new experiences.

So, sitting here at 2 a.m. wondering, thinking back to years past, I would go through all of it again, 12 times over if I knew I would find myself here again.

Cover Image Credit: Anna Russo

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Is it worth all of the free stuff? YES!

Do yourself a favor and go sign up for all of these rewards programs below. I know...you are thinking about all the emails you are going to receive..but is it worth all of the free stuff? YES!

1. Auntie Anne's

Sign up for pretzel perk (really easy), and you get a free pretzel on your birthday. Who doesn't love Auntie Anne's? Perfect snack while you are on your birthday shopping spree! Don't get me started on those cinnamon sugar covered pretzels!

2. Baskin Robbins

Go in and tell them it is your birthday, and you will receive a Free Ice Cream. Their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is THE best, but its impossible to order wrong at Baskin Robbins.

3. Cracker Barrel

Go in and tell them it is your birthday, and you will receive a Free Dessert. Look around in the store, play some chess just like old times, and it would be such a great, down to earth place to celebrate!

4. Kendra Scott

1/2 off on one item during your birthday month. All you need is your ID, and they will discount your item!


Free meal on your birthday! Pancakes here I come!

6. Krispy Kreme

Sign up for eclub, receive a free donut :) Easy enough! I mean who doesn't want to bite into that a warm, sweet, sticky donut?

7. Panera

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10. Steak n' Shake

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13. ULTA Beauty

Get a free gift once you sign up for their (free) rewards. While you are in there, might want to ask for a free makeover?

14. Einstein Bros Bagels

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15. DSW

Recieve a $5 Gift Certificate if you join their rewards, which is super easy because they just send you emails which most of the time is coupons.

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freedom isn't everything When You're Away From Home While At College

Freedom isn't everything when it comes to being on your own in college. What about the students whose parents are out of state?


Most kids enjoy the freedom they get when they are finally away from home and at college. These new students experience what its like to be on their own. Some students even travel to different states to go to school and have the freedom they desire. However, as time goes on they start to realize that being on their own comes with more responsibility than they thought. So, what about the students who love being at home and are in that different state?

My parents originally lived in Oklahoma through most of my college career. I was able to go home as often as I needed. Until this last year my parents moved back to their home state, California. Now, I am a student who cannot go home as often as I want to. I realize how much i took advantage of being able to go home and now that i am more on my own I learned a few things.

I learned that freedom isn't everything. Sometimes what we need is to make sure we always have the support we need. Our parents do so much for us as we all grow up that we sometimes forget what that entails. Some students who start college call home more frequently because they do not know how to do laundry or do not know what to make for dinner or even breakfast because they got used to just letting the parents do it for them.

We learn to survive on a meal plan when money was never an object because parents provided for us. We learn to get up on our own and to organize our own schedules because mom and dad are not there to remind us and keep track of our schedules, doctors appointments, etc.

I took for granted the ability to go home and now that I can't, it makes me even more grateful for the things my parents have done for me. As college students, we have this newfound freedom, but in the end we will always have our parents to fall back on. Those students like me who do not have family in the state, along with students with parents in the same state, can take some appreciation in the things our parents do for us all.

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