A Revelation

A Revelation

Everything happens for a reason

Have you ever sat in your bed at 2 a.m. and just contemplated life? Wondered how you got so lucky, or unlucky, why you lost the things/people you did, or why you deserve the people you have? Life is a funny thing, I like to think of it as a game, no one comes out unscathed, but everyone comes out with some kind of wisdom, a greater knowledge of how things work and how we all came to be the people we are today.

To have the things I do today, I had to lose a lot, and I mean a lot. Would I go back if i had the chance to re-live everything and make different decisions to save myself the pain, or at least some of it? Absolutely not.

No, I am not 40 years old.

I don't have all my shit together yet, but I've been through enough to know that nothing that happens in life is a coincidence. Everyone that is in your life, whether they take their coats off and stay a while or walk away just when you truly started to understand them, serves some purpose- some greater meaning.

My high schools years weren't the greatest, when the good was good it was great, and when the bad was bad, may no one go through what I did. My senior year of high school was the worst, to me it felt like I was losing parts of myself to things I didn't understand. While I'm happy to take care of others and put them before me, I realized that that was my biggest flaw.

In trying to love others I forgot to love myself.

College came around and it gave me the strength I needed, that little push to realize that I'm the most important person in my life, and through loving myself and my life, I attracted better and kinder people.

After almost five years of ups and downs with the wrong person, my best friend - my true and constant love - walked back into my life and showed me how beautiful it could be. I made new friends after old friends left, and I laughed more than anything else.

You may be a little lost reading my story, wondering what it has to do with a "revelation," and here I'll tell you:

You would never know to cherish the warmth of the sun if you never felt the cold from the storms. There are plenty of people in the world who have been through worse, and while this isn't my whole story, the one thing I know for certain is that if I went back in time and changed even just one move, I might not have the life I do today; the life I've always wanted full of happiness, love, friends, family, and new experiences.

So, sitting here at 2 a.m. wondering, thinking back to years past, I would go through all of it again, 12 times over if I knew I would find myself here again.

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11 Things 20-Year-Olds Who Look 12 Are Tired Of Hearing

No, I don't need a kids' menu, thank you very much.

I used to just laugh it off when someone thought I was 12 years old back when I was in high school, but now that I am three years deep into college getting ready to graduate, I don’t laugh anymore. If you are in the same situation as me looking like a child trying to get into a bar/club and the bouncer is questioning if your ID is fake, please read on — you may relate very much. Here are 11 things 20+ year-olds who look 12 are tired of hearing:

1. I didn’t know they let 12-year-olds work here.

Nope. They don’t.

2. What school do you go to?

Me: Florida State.

Person: University?!

3. *Tries to get a sample at Target* Is your parent nearby?

Let me FaceTime my mom really quick and ask her permission for this protein bar sample.

SEE ALSO: 11 Things 20-Year-Olds Who Look 12 Are Tired Of Saying

4. *Server at a restaurant* Here you go, sweetie. What can I get you, darling? Hi, honey, how are you?

You are no more than three years older than me, there is no need for "sweetie."

5. It’s your birthday? Happy Birthday! How old now, fourteen/fifteen?

6. You look so much older when you wear makeup.

Is that supposed to be a compliment?

7. Wow, you're how old? You look like you are twelve.

Have you seen a twelve-year-old lately?

8. You probably just look young because you're short.

9. *Tries to flirt with a guy* You're a little too young for me I think.

I'm your age. Maybe even older.

10. Are you old enough to see this movie? Can I see your ID please?

11. You're going to be so thankful when you are in your 50's.

So I've been told. Hopefully, it's worth it.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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5 Tips For Handling A Quarter Life Crisis

Don't know what to do with your life, me either


I thought I had my entire life figured out; career, graduate school, moving. All of it. But maybe I was wrong. I have already been accepted to graduate school, have my internship/capstone figured out but then I was given an opportunity of a lifetime to do a different internship that made me question if my plan was the right plan for me. It was terrifying, stressful and difficult to figure out what to do because it affects the rest of my life. But there are some tips you can do to keep your cool.



Write that shit down. Take a piece of paper and plan out where each path could take you and the steps you need to take to get to each goal on the path. Seeing it all on paper will slow you down and help determine if what you're thinking is even an option.

2.    Talk to people


Talk it out, talk to your friends, your family, your advisor. Talk to anyone you can about your plan. You will hear other people's opinions and thoughts. They may have thought of a factor that you didn't. It will help you better understand your thoughts when you explain your tornado brain to someone else.

 3.    Be Open


This was REALLY hard for me. I talked to probably five different people about the change in life choices and heard both positive and negative thoughts. It is important to be open and listen to the negative idea even if it seems like you're being attacked. It will make you think, are you really prepared for 4-8 more years of school (or whatever else it may be).

 4.    Breathe and Stress Relieve 


YES, this is 100% one of the biggest most stressful decision you have to make but it is also incredibly important that you are patient, and calm throughout the entire process. It is easier said than done, trust me but take five steps back, seven deep breaths and 20 minutes to relieve the built-up stress. Go to the gym, listen to music, paint, do whatever is going to put a smile on your face and calm you. Then come back to the problem with a clear head to think and process all the options.

5.    Don’t be afraid


It is literally terrifying when you feel lost, and unsure of what to do with your life. Especially if your family is super strict and you want to keep everyone happy. But REMEMBER it is YOUR life. YOUR future. You have to worry about what is the best option for you and what will make you happy in the long run. Even if it is harder and going to take longer. Be concerned about YOURSELF and not what anyone else thinks of you.

Quarter life crises are totally normal and not fun. Don't feel like you're alone or a failure for being unsure. It is good to explore all your options and be the happiest you can be. If that takes a little freak out and some stress so is it. Just use these steps to make the best of it.

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