Revealing the calculation method to explode the Fun88 jar with a high probability of winning
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Revealing the calculation method to explode the Fun88 jar with a high probability of winning


Revealing the calculation method to explode the Fun88 jar with a high probability of winning

Explain what is exploding the reward jar?

Revealing the calculation method to explode the Fun88 jar with a high probability of winning

Exploding jar game - Slot game is considered to be one of the popular games and is loved by many people in international casinos. The number of players exploding online is increasing day by day, but not everyone has the conditions to come to the online casino . Fun88 Slot was born, creating the most ideal playground for those who are passionate about this game. In particular, each member also has the opportunity to receive attractive gifts after successful account registration.

1. Explain what is exploding the reward jar?

To be able to play proficiently the online game, each player needs to understand what the game is, how the rules of the game are regulated, and how to change the reward in each bet . .

Exploding jar game , also known by another name, is a slot game known as a slot machine, in some places called a slot machine. Accordingly, the exploding slot machine will consist of about 3 - 5 horizontal rows, about 3 - 5 vertical rows with symbols in each box. Exploding jars online gamehas a lot of different icons, colors and sound systems corresponding to each theme.

For each game, there will be small features added, the purpose of which is to bring people new experiences and create excitement for players . But the way to play exploding jars is only one and very easy to play. Therefore, the exploding jar game on the market today is very diverse, including many different color interfaces, so the number of people participating in this game is very large, including many different ages from old to old. to children. Depending on each level as well as different age, then they will find for themselves an online game that is fun, attractive and more suitable for them.

1.1. The reason why the game of exploding jars attracts many people chooses

According to general statistical information, the game of exploding jars currently attracts the largest number of players compared to other online games because:

The rules of the online popcorn game are simple, but the payouts are huge.

People can join the game anytime, anywhere because of its light capacity, easy to perform download operation, in order to participate in playing with tablets or mobile phones very conveniently.

For the interface of reputable game addresses, it is often very attractive and lively. In particular, it not only gives players attractive prizes but also has the most exciting and wonderful moments of experience.

Synthesize common terms in the online game exploding jars

In order to have a chance to win attractive prizes, you must not ignore the most basic terms in the game of exploding jars. Details of common terms have been specifically summarized by Fun88 experts as follows:

Coins - Coins Value: is the conversion rate between cash and coins in this game. For example: You have 500k cash, the corresponding Coins Value will be 5.0 -> The number of coins in your game is 500 / 5.0 = 100 coins.

Credits - Credits: the amount of cash that the player has.

Coins - Coins: this is the total amount of coins you get after exchanging all cash into coins in the game.

Bet - Best: the amount you bet in each betting round.

Pay Line: means the number of pay lines you want. The more paylines you have, the higher the odds of winning.

Total Bet: the amount you place in each spin in the game. Total bet = stake x paylines.

Max bet - Max bet: the maximum bet that the player can bet on each spin.

Auto spin - Auto Play: means to let the game automatically spin a certain number of rounds (about 50 rounds, 100 rounds, ... or automatically spin until the money is in the account).

Game rules & Steps to play exploding jars online at reputable bookie Fun88

Learn about the rules of exploding jars and exchanging prizes

Usually, the jar explosion will have 3-5 rows and columns combined together. Accordingly, the player will win if there are 3 consecutive similar symbols on the same payline (or the winning line specified by the game).

Steps to play the game of exploding jars online at the reputable Fun88 bookie

To play the exploding game at the prestigious Fun88 bookie, please follow the specific steps below in sequence:

Step 1 : First, please access the system.

Step 2 : Go to Games -> Select the category Exploding jars.

Step 3 : Proceed to play the game exploding jars.

About how to play the online game , all you need to do is click the spin button. When pressed, the columns of pictures will spin and the player will win when there are 3 consecutive identical pictures on a winning line. According to the rules of the pot burst game , the player will win when there are at least 2 or 3 identical symbols of the same row. Or when spinning the game, you need to check the special bonus symbol that will help you win, especially there will be a chance to receive the Jackpot prize.

Revealing the calculation method to explode the Fun88 jar with a high probability of winning

In fact, many people consider exploding the reward jar as a game of chance. However, for long-time players, who have experience in this online game, they think that it will bring a great profit if you know how to calculate the gameplay. Accordingly, leading experts have specifically shared some experiences as follows:

+ In case you are interested in calculating the chances of winning, then one thing is certain that you will not use the "Auto Spin" function on the game. Accordingly, this function will support players to be hands-free during game play. But in order to win easily and not have a capital deficit, you should not use it.

+ Next, according to the experience of the players, the lines have the corresponding explosion rate of 1,2,3,4,5,7,19,20, so players should not ignore it. these lines. In particular, for line 20, there will be the highest probability of exploding the jar.

Some secrets of playing exploding jars online Fun88 are not known to everyone

For online pot explosion there is a very easy way to play. The attraction is that you can play for cash, and you will win a lot of money when the jar explodes. But to be able to win the Slot game, each person needs to master some tips when spinning. Accordingly, experts and longtime players share with you some of the most basic secrets as follows:

Each player needs to understand the rules of the game of exploding jars.

Playing the game needs to know when to stop.

Regularly map out the limits of your pocket money to play within your capabilities.

It is best to join the game when the bet has turned 50-100 rounds.


Summary of useful information on the website has revealed to everyone about the prestigious Fun88 game and how to play online games at this house. Register as a Fun88 member today to receive attractive offers !

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