After being away at college for a semester and your best friend being 459 miles away, the moment y'all see each other is as amazing as walking across the stage and receiving your diploma. You see them getting out of their car and run up to them and give them the biggest hug you've ever given. It's a wonderful time when you get to reunite with your best friend.

Reuniting with your best friend after a three to four month period is wonderful, but also incredibly strange. Since they've been away at college, they've most likely met many new people and have discovered themselves a little bit more. You can see every change in them, even the little ones: their physical appearance could have changed by them dying their hair, getting a new piercing, or maybe they've gained a little weight from "the freshman-fifteen". Their personality could have changed because of the new people around them influencing some of their behaviors and actions. Their political views might have changed a little bit from this past year's election as well. Things might be completely different between you and your best friend, but things could also be the exact same from when y'all left. Y'all could still be dancing the night away and gossiping just like times before. Reuniting with your best friend can be incredibly strange because you see all the differences in them that you may or may not like, or it can be incredibly wonderful and y'all catch up and tell each other about your new experiences at your different colleges.

When my best friend and I reunited, things were the exact same way as when we left for college. Our jam sessions in the cars were the exact same, our late night deep conversations were the exact same but were mostly about our memories we've made in college, our coffee dates were the exact same but just consisted of us drinking more espresso shots than we used to, and our reuniting hugs were just as emotional as they were when we left. My best friend and I might have changed a little bit from being at college and meeting new people, but things are the exact same when it comes to our friendship.

Even if things have changed between you and your best friend because y'all have been away at college, some things are most likely still the same, just with a few new traits or maybe a few differences in their physical appearance. Y'all might have changed, but the friendship is still as strong.