So, you've begun your second semester at Villanova, with new classes, teachers, and friends. There is a lot of new stressors coming around- maybe you got a new job, or are taking a really intense class, or just have to deal with walking all the way to Tolentine for your 8:30.

Here are some gifs from The Office that you may find relatable:

1. Seeing your friends after a month of no real contact

2. Having to see people you DON'T want to see after a month of no contact

3. Getting into shenanigans with your best friends on the first night back

4. Waking up for your 8:30

5. Having a teacher assign a long homework assignment during syllabus week

6. When your first class is in Bartley and your next class is on the fourth floor of Tolentine

7. Walking into class and seeing the one person you DIDN'T want to see

8. Forcing yourself to eat the *slightly* subpar food that is the Pit

9. Getting ready for your first night out with your girls

10. Just being excited to have your whole squad back together