With any holiday there are certain aspects that make it hard for people to enjoy or celebrate. Mother's day is no different. Mother's day can be a tough holiday, but it doesn't have to be entirely ignored.

When you think mother's day what do you think about?

Do you think about your own kiddos? Your mother, or grandmother?

Maybe you've read a couple of blogs that give you a list of gifts for mothers or DIY projects for moms. Or maybe you would like to just pretend this day doesn't even exist.

If you look at your life you may be able to see someone who you can say has had a huge impact on your life like a mother. Or maybe you have friends or siblings who are mothers. There are so many people who deserve to be celebrated on this day.

Rethink this day. Show love and respect for the mommas who have left their legacy with us, and show support and encouragement to the wonderful mommas and family members who deserve the title of being a mom but may not have kiddos of their own.

Mother: Someone who loves and forgives with grace. They hold you close even when they are far away. They support you and encourage you and teach you the lessons that last a lifetime.

If you can't find a way to celebrate this day, look beyond yourself and get out into the community. Spend the day with people. Mother's day may never be the same for you and it may be hard for a while, but as time goes on find the joy in the little things on this day.

Remember those who have gone before us and look forward to the amazing humans who have been mother figures in their own way.

To the new mommas this year:

WELCOME TO THE TEAM! You're absolutely amazing and you got this! We hope you get absolutely spoiled today because you deserve it. Also, we are here for you always and we adore you!

To the mommas who are kicking butt living life with a little extra craziness:

Keep going! Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed and you are important and amazing!

To the mommas struggling with infertility:

We got your back. We may not fully ever understand the pain you have been through but please know that you are a momma. And this day is just as much a day for you as it is for anyone else.

To the mommas who adopted us as their own:

There is a special place in heaven for you I'm pretty dang sure. Thank you for opening up your heart and life to kids. You're a rockstar momma and we love you.

To the mommas who turned into grandmas and great-grandmas:

Thank you for giving us this life to find joy in. Thank you for your love and support and the life lessons.

To the momma's who may not have kids of their own but have a special place in our hearts and we consider our honorary mom:

Thank you. Thank you for listening to us and for caring for us. You are a superhero and we couldn't do this without you.

No matter what your circumstance is today, please find pride in the fact that you will always be a daughter or a son. You are not alone today and you are so loved.