Retail Store General Contractor Duties and Responsibilities
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Retail Store General Contractor Duties and Responsibilities

General Contractor Duties and Responsibilities

Retail Store General Contractor Duties and Responsibilities

If the work on your retail space is more than a quick fix or is anticipated to take longer than a week, you should really consider working with a general contractor.

A retail store general contractor is a person or company that deals with the construction of commercial properties. This can include new builds, remodelling, renovating, additions, or abatement projects. The general contractor or its manager will work closely with the client from the inception of the project and design, securing permits, dealing with materials and workers, and final inspection and payment. Some general contractors employ their own staff and some use subcontractors. Often it is a combination of both. Click here to learn more.

A general contractor has a broad range of duties and responsibilities on a commercial project. While the details will vary from one contract to another, there are some general items that fall to this person or company.

• Creating the schedule and overseeing its management

• Jobsite organization and management

• Hiring and scheduling subcontractors

• Supervising employees and subcontractors

• Security of the site

• Contracting with suppliers and vendors

• Equipment delivery and rental

• Licenses and permits

• Scheduling inspections

• Interacting with the client

• Managing labour pool

• Demolition

• Construction oversight

• Assuring completion, clean up, adherence to procedures and policies

On large or major projects, the client will often solicit bids from several companies or people. The general contractor will submit the offer which will contain details about the scheduling, cost, time, deadlines, and labor. In other cases, the client will contact the contractor and discuss the project. The contractor will prepare an estimate similar to the bid and may or may not be open to negotiations.

When the client accepts the contractor's offer, a contract is signed outlining all the details. The general contractor oversees the project from groundbreaking or demolition to completion and final approvals. This includes scheduling labour, materials, and equipment.

At this time there are no federal or local licenses to become a general contractor. However, most individuals are licensed under local or municipal regulations. The contractor can also have licenses specific to areas of expertise like electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc. There are no specific educational requirements. Most will have extensive experience in many phases of construction and on projects of various sizes.

Reasons to Hire a General Contractor

There are many reasons why a retail operation should hire a general contractor for a build out, repairs, renovation or new construction. The general contractor makes sure all the work is completed in a satisfactory manner within specified time frames. The job involves working with a variety of workers, vendors, manufacturers, and clients. The contractor is responsible for any injury or property damage.

Because contractors and contracting companies have relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, the client benefits from the selection of products and discounts. They also handle all the paperwork for permits. Thorough knowledge of the municipal and provincial regulations for each aspect of the project is a necessity and being sure that the work complies with those rules.

If the work on your retail space is more than a quick fix or is anticipated to take longer than a week, you should really consider working with a general contractor.

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