Are You Team IHOb?

Are You Team IHOb?

This is like Chuck E. Cheese all over again.


As you probably heard this week, The International House of Pancakes decided to shock the internet with a marketing act that did not have the best reaction. They flipped the "P" to a "B" in their logo and "B" stands for, wait for it....


Not breakfast, not brunch, not even bacon.They picked burgers to be part of their new slogan. The one thing on the menu that no one wants to eat was made their main marketing product. The one thing that they left out was that this was temporary for the next month. The response from people have not been great. The internet blew up over this change because in their eyes, it's a pointless and kind of dumb idea.

The only reason people are in uproar because of the acronym change being burgers. It's not that people eat at IHOP religiously but we eat there anyway. Imagine if Waffle House had taken the "waffle" out of their name and changed it to Breakfast House or if Burger King changed to Burger House. This is more shocking than when they changed the Chuck E. Cheese mascot to kid size.

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Who would want to eat burgers in the morning? An average burger stuffed with sausage, egg, and a jumbo hashbrown. I rather have a plate of chocolate-chip pancakes with bacon on the side. There are over fifty different places within a twenty mile radius of the average neighborhood to go get burgers and only half of them are as good as their advertisements claim to be on TV. What's so different that we would chose to eat lunch at a pancake house. Who ever is the marketing coordinator who chose to replace pancakes with burgers needs to actually try the food on the menu.

So are you Team IHOP or Team IHOB? You be the judge.

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14 Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurants In Florida You Need To Visit ASAP

"If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don't."

Making the decision to go vegetarian or vegan isn't really the hardest part of actually adapting to that lifestyle. The hardest part also isn't the ability to find affordable options, discovering new recipes or avoiding the desire to eat meat-- it's finding vegetarian or vegan friendly restaurants in your area. With countless meat options everywhere you look, it's usually pretty tough finding at least one place that has options that fit your dietary lifestyle, let alone a restaurants offering only vegetarian or vegan food.

Florida doesn't tend to be the most progressive state when it comes to adapting a plant based life style, but we do have some pretty mouthwatering spots any vegetarian or vegan should check out.

1. Dandelion Communitea Cafe: Orlando, FL

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

2. Green Bar Kitchen: Ft. Lauderdale

"We were GREEN before it was cool."

3. Kale Cafe: Daytona Beach

"Our philosophy on food is simple, we do not like processed foods and avoid them."

4. The Vegan Hot Dog Cart: Orlando

"The food from this cart has been enjoyed by both vegan and non-vegans!"

5. Date & Thyme: Key West

"There is a date and time in our lives when we understand that our old ways of eating, acting, thinking, or feeling no longer serve us. We realize that change is possible, and that we can help ourselves."

6. Love Food Central: St. Petersburg

"St. Pete café serving vegan & gluten-free comfort food."

7. Paisley Vegan Kitchen: Cocoa

"We want our community to know that by choosing a plant based meal you don't have to sacrifice taste or classic comfort food choices."

8. Crave: St. Augustine

"We believe in a healthy lifestyle and are extremely passionate about serving not only great food, but great vibes and smiles as well!"

9. Dancing Avocado Kitchen: Daytona Beach

"Where herbivore and carnivore eat together in harmony."

10. Kaleisia Tea: Tampa

"What was once a wild idea is now a beloved, daily experience shared by many.

11. Happy Healthy Human: Indian Harbour Beach

"The Happy Healthy Human is both a cafe and a market that provides the highest quality organic food in a relaxed and comfortable environment."

12. Curia On The Drag: Gainesville

"Situated on a 2.5 acre property that hosts a contemporary art gallery and artist studios, Curia on the Drag is an urban oasis."

13. Market On South: Orlando

"100% plant-based restaurant, bakery, bar, & shared market in the Milk District."

14. Parlour Vegan Bakery: Plantation

"Hard work equals blessings and we are truly excited to share these amazing baked good with you all."

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10 Chain Restaurants Ranked Based On Personal Experiences

They all have unique aspects that make them great.


My only personal rule when it comes to dining out is never ever Applebee's. Applebee's is trash.

1. Chili's

Huge Chili's guy. Not a bad thing to say about the place. Fast service, consistent food and that cookie skillet are always excellent. Chicken crispers are OK too. Really just an ideal dining experience in all regards. Chilis to go is also a big draw. All around winner right here.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and IHOP allows you to get it all day long. With so many variations of pancakes, omelet's, eggs and even a full dinner menu, there is not much bad about the place. Especially a great late night dining destination. Often patronized by the elderly for their early bird special, there's sure to never be a dull moment at your local IHOP.

3. Texas Roadhouse

A great place for dinner. Get a nice cut of prime rib, some mashed potatoes and of course, those rolls. Sometimes it is very busy and takes a while for the food to come out but in the meantime they have peanuts. They seem to really emphasize quality and portions and therefore there is always a good value. Some have tried to copy their business model, but Texas Roadhouse does it best.

4. Waffle House

Southern Icon, waffle house. Place doesn't close. Ever. Thats admirable in and of itself. Menu is basic and food is nothing special, but there is just something about the environment and the way it feels like everyone is welcome there is excellent. Price is right too. Restaurants are usually dirty enough that you notice, but not dirty enough to really care.

5. Chick-Fil-A

Best service in the fast food industry hands down. When you walk in to a Chick-Fil-A, you are treated with utmost respect. Not to mention in terms of food quality and consistency, they take the cake. Only true downfalls are that it is relatively expensive and they are not open on Sundays. Killer milkshakes too.

6. Chipotle

Consistent. You walk in, you know what you're getting. The food is really not that special but the draw is that it is at least moderately healthy and always dank. Watch out for that E. Coli though, it'll getcha.

7. Auntie Annes

You ever been to a mall? There's probably an Auntie Anne's there. It's the pretzel place that is always there, smelling good. They have variations of pretzels such as pretzel dogs and pretzel nuggets and lemonade to wash it all down. A great snack. Reminds me of simpler times.

8. Dunkin' Donuts (Dunkin")

New England favorite. There are 3 within a mile of my house at home. Not really anything special about the place. It seems like more of a cultural thing. Still great though. Coffee coolatas are noteworthy.

9. McDonalds

American staple. Ice cream machine is always broken and food order sometimes gets messed up, but in a general sense McDonalds is always there for you. You can go anywhere in the country and be close to one. Coffee for only a buck is the best part.

10. Cici's Pizza

All you can eat pizza for $5.99 is a hell of a deal. They have almost any kind of pizza you can think of, even a dessert pizza. This place is not for everyone. It's kind of dirty and they usually have a shitty arcade, but for six bucks what do you expect.

For those with a refined palette, it is important to identify the things that make chain restaurants great. This is entirely subjective. Applebees is garbage.

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