And the controversial topic is on.

While living in the United States, it has always been such an interesting theory to me that I, ____ (whoever you are), have the freedom of speech...we all do. But, I have grown up not being allowed to ask my teachers, neighbors, friends, or sometimes even family members about politics, religion, or let's just go there, who they voted for.

Every time there is a new election, I know that it will start a very bumpy road leading to several strong different opinions—and that is something that I know not to mess with. Literally, I can't remember the last time I "chose" to go out of my way to bring up politics. It is such a strong topic that makes people so heated; we all know to not ruin friendships or the moment by bringing that up.

Since being abroad, I have had a very hard time with this. Before I left, my advisor gave me specific instructions. He said (quote on quote) "Do whatever you want, go where ever you want to go, but 100% do not talk about Donald Trump. If they ask you, tell them you were told not to share your opinion."

He said it very sternly, and to be honest with you, I did not think it would be that bad.

At bars and movie theaters, while meeting new friends, and in class and on several other different occasions, I have been poked and very bluntly am asked who I voted for.

I don't blame any of these people. I am a part of one of the largest exchange schools in the world and have met people from the coolest places and have quickly learned that no matter where these people are coming from, they all know and want to talk about Donald Trump. How are they to blame?

While this is one of the most controversial topics on the planet (which I did not know how extreme it truly was until coming here), people are just curious to hear the "insider's" opinion.

At this point, no matter what side I am on, I am so disappointed. I have never been so embarrassed to frequently be saying that I am from the United States. I am so embarrassed that my country is being questioned every single time I open my mouth and people can tell where I am from by the way I speak.

I feel so bad for the United States; now that I am an outsider, I wish that a lot of things could be done differently. It hurts knowing what used to be such a strong, loyal, and looked-up to country is now being laughed at as a joke and seen as pathetic.

To everyone else out there in this crazy world, yes, I am from the United States. Yes, I love my town, I love my state, and I love what the United States has to offer. But I do not agree with all of the actions that are making our current situation. I am proud of where I am from, but that doesn't mean I agree.