Last night, rapper Lil Peep was found unresponsive on his tour bus right before a show in Tucson, Arizona. He had overdosed, likely on Xanax.

After his death, everyone on social media is beginning to dissect his cries for help or clues that could've predicted this that nobody noticed before he was gone. He was very open about drug abuse within his music, and he openly talked about depression in interviews.

Hours before Peep passed, he posted videos on Instagram of him popping Xanax and a photo with the caption "When I die You'll love me".

Addiction takes so many young souls too soon. Lil Peep was only 21 years old with a growing career and so much life ahead of him. It's important that we notice signs before it is too late and help our friends who may be struggling with mental illness or addiction.

Addiction and self-destruction are often glorified, and that is a toxic mindset. Peep's manager announced his death by saying he had been "expecting this call for a year."

If you expect somebody to overdose on drugs, that should tell you to reach out to that person and try to get them help before it happens instead of treating it as if it is inevitable.

If you watch somebody destroy themselves and don't try to help them, they may never receive that help.

It doesn't hurt to reach out to somebody.

The "emo rapper" released his debut album Come Over When You're Sober (Part One) three months ago.

His music highlights his drug use and depression.

Unfortunately, it took his death for people to start talking about how harmful it is to glorify addiction and mental illness.