A Response To The Recent Shootings

After the recent shooting in Pittsburg and in Kentucky, a lot of people have been feeling rather numb. Today in class, a professor of mine decided to lead a discussion about the recent tragedies. An overwhelming about of classmates voiced that when they first read the headline on their smartphone, they felt numb. This wasn't the least bit surprising to me. With everything that has happened in the past ten years alone, millennial's are becoming extremely used to hearing about shootings around the United States.

As sad as it sounds the next generation after us, and so on, will become even more desensitized to the horrors of massacres and shootings. It is so hard to believe that there are still people in today's modern society that are anti-semitic, racist, and prejudice. It is so sad that our country still hasn't fully caught up with how modern it's citizens are.

Between the shootings in schools, with so many deaths of innocent children, and the shootings of churches and synagogues, it is unbelievable that these events are still occurring. It makes me so sick that a Jewish Holocaust survivor, as well as other victims, were brutally murdered.

I think that myself as well as many other people need to become a lot more sensitive to these events that are occurring. It could easily be anybody's family members on that notification. So many people quickly skim it, then swipe it up once they read the words "shooting." I can't imagine if one of my friend's or family member's name was listed on that notification and I just quickly swiped it up. Your life would easily be changed forever. I think that people, including myself, are just so desensitized to these horrific events. It is hard for a lot of us to mourn the lost lives of people that we don't know personally.

It is important to give their deaths meaning. It is so important to take a few minutes to fully pay your respects to the people that have died in these shootings. After the details of the shooting exploded in the media I then began to really hurt. I felt so saddened for the families and friends of the victims.

How could any of those people feel safe again in their own place of worship? It just doesn't seem possible to me. I don't even know how a lot of them would be able to stay in that same city. Life would be ruined forever, and all because of a monster who does not understand the meaning of equality.

The Holocaust was not that long ago, yet our society entirely forgets that it happened. When moments like this happen, I can only imagine how Jewish people feel. It is truly something that I do not even understand. I feel for the Jewish people and the victim's families.

Take this week to reflect on all of these issues, and truly feel. My heart goes out to all of the Jewish people as well as the victims. I am an ally.

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