To The Girl Who Wrote " Don't Eat Like Sh*T And 8 Other Ways To Get A Perfect Summer Bod Like Mine,"

Before I begin, I will go ahead and say that you did have plenty of valid points in your article, I am always looking for new ways to improve my health, whether through diet, exercise or mental/emotional health.

You did have a great workout plan that I plan on trying myself.

I also agree that changing your diet (especially when it comes to breakfast) and substituting other drinks for water are two great ways to get internal and external results.

I also like how you hyped up your readers at the end of the article, reminding them that the only one they should be making changes for is themselves. I used to cut down on calories for the boyfriend that I had (at the time), and it made me absolutely miserable.

I do agree that buying new clothes is an effective way of building confidence and treating yourself after working extra hard.

Despite your valid points, I think you should watch how you are approaching the topic of body image and health.

For starters, including a profane word in your title, the article is both unprofessional and makes the reader feel negatively about themselves. Next time, substitute this line with something more productive, such as, "9 Ways To Improve Your Health Before Summer."

I would also like to point out that there is more to life than having a perfect seasonal body, such as overall health year round.

It's more important to have a healthy body than a skinny body "like yours." One's status as being either big or small doesn't necessarily correlate with their internal health. It might, but it might not.

I know people who look like you that eat nothing but junk food and hardly ever exercise. They may be thin, but they are not healthy.

I also know people who are a bit bigger that eat healthy and exercise constantly. They are healthy.

There are multiple possibilities as to why someone might be a bit bigger. They might have PCOS, genetic factors might come in to play (especially for me), they might be taking a certain medication that triggers weight gain, etc.

I'm not saying your article isn't good; I do think you were trying to be helpful. I would just like to tell you that you should watch your approach when talking about certain topics.

We should all strive to improve our health to the best of our abilities, but let's keep in mind that internal health is more important than body image.