If you have been online, I am sure that you have seen these articles titled something like "15 Things Girls Should Do That Guys Find Attractive (According to 10 Men!)" If you are anything like me, you notice that the word 'should' is in there. Also, this article was collectively based on ten men. As if TEN men make a difference in comparison to the BILLIONS in the world. After reading some of these articles and watching some of these videos on Youtube, I realize the toll they take on someone. I find myself wanting to be more attractive to guys and want to try doing these things. In reality, who knows if those things work. Let alone to the guy I want to impress.

My biggest problem with their articles, however, is the fact that they even exist. All these articles do is make someone feel insecure or they take away the idea of individuality. I've taken some time to think over them and I have come to a few conclusions about them.

First of all, why do we let articles control us? We let those men that 'contributed' to the article or video dictate how we behave, dress, look, etc. and for what reason? We want to be attractive to someone? Let me tell anyone (girls and guys alike) that you don't have to do anything to make yourself more attractive. Being yourself with someone is the most attractive thing. You shouldn't rely on a stranger's advice on how they want someone affect you and how you act or live.

Secondly, you do not need the approval of someone else to be happy. I learned this the hard way, but you don't. You are perfect the way you are. You don't need to change for anyone. If change will make you happy, then do it. But if you know you are changing solely to impress someone else but you are happy with the way you are, do not do it. You are worth more than changing into someone that someone else wants you to be.

Third, there is someone out there who will love you for being yourself. The problem with these different articles and videos is that you start to doubt yourself. There are more than ten men on this Earth, and all of them are different. You will find someone who will love and appreciate you because of who you are, not who someone wants you to be. Just know that you are better than that.

Fourth, and finally, you have so much to appreciate without being insecure or changing! You are a beautiful human! Don't let societal standards and strangers shape you. You are who you are and you have to know that you are absolutely perfect the way you are! Who is anyone to tell you that you aren't? Don't let someone else's insecurities bring you down.

To anyone who has read these articles or watched these videos, just know that you do not need to change for anyone. You are amazing. Embrace and love yourself!