Netflix has officially announced that there will be a second season of "13 Reasons Why" and everyone is having mixed emotions about the news.

Half the fans don't want another season and the other half do want another season. Recently an article came out about how there shouldn't be a sequel, and while it had some valid points, it also had some points I didn't agree with.

So I'm going to use the reasons she had that I didn't agree with on why season two is a good idea:

1. There isn't a second book

No there isn't a second book but that doesn't mean that there can't be a second season. I understand what people mean when they say there isn't a second book so there shouldn't be a second season, Jay Asher worked hard writing this book and Netflix shouldn't take that hard work away from him and make it into their own work. But the show brought us things that the book didn't, it brought us a story about every character involved and their stories aren't over. Season one also left a lot of unanswered questions and left room for Hannah's death to still impact a few more people.

2. Hannah Baker's story is over

Her story is not over! She might be dead but that doesn't mean her story is over. Yes, she recorded 13 tapes to tell the people that made her feel like she wasn't wanted why she ended her life. But her parents want justice for why she was led to end her life and season two will bring that. The impact she has on people because of her suicide is part of her story. With that being said the outcome of the lawsuit is part of her story, if that lawsuit changes the way the school acts towards bullying then it's because of her.

3. There is no reason to continue their story

I don't know why people seem to think that everything was about Hannah Baker. In the book yes every detail was towards Hannah Baker's life specifically why it ended but in the show it wasn't, they made a story for EVERY character. Which means that there are many of reasons to continue the story, there is a question about every character that is unanswered.

4. Hannah Baker won't be the main character anymore

Yes, Hannah Baker won't be the main character anymore but she wasn't the only main character and she's not going to be forgotten. We might not physically see her but she's still going to be part of the show.

5. Everyone is going to know the truth behind her suicide

They need too...

6. The format of the show will be different

The show didn't revolve around the tapes but the story that the tapes were telling and some of those stories still need to continue. The format of the show will still consist of those stories and the lawsuit for Hannah's suicide.

7. The name of the show won't make sense

A lot of names for tv shows don't make sense, for example, MTV's tv show "Faking It" was about two best friends faking being a lesbian couple, but they only faked being a lesbian for about five episodes and that show had three seasons. The name of a tv show shouldn't choose whether it gets another season or not.

8. There making a second season for the wrong reason

The first season started a conversation that needed to be had around the whole world and the second season will do the same. No one knows if the producers are making another season because of the ratings of the show or because they want to spark another conversation. But I highly doubt it's because they want more streams.

I personally can’t wait til the second season comes out, the first opened my eyes to things that I didn’t really put much effort into thinking about. I think the second season will bring more awareness to suicide and sexual assault. The first season was hard to watch because of the graphic scenes but that’s reality, that’s what happens and season two should bring us the same; the reality of what actually happens.