27 New Year's Resolutions To Make In 2019 That Don't Suck
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27 New Year's Resolutions To Make in 2019 That Don't Suck And Will Better Your Life

Here are some New Years Resolutions that you'll want to keep.

27 New Year's Resolutions To Make in 2019 That Don't Suck And Will Better Your Life

We all make resolutions that last for about two weeks when we decide they are too hard or forget. Try the resolutions below that aren't hard, super easy, and will leave you feeling accomplished.

1.  Don't Diet

I know this sounds weird but don't diet. If you've tried dieting in the past and it hasn't worked then try to set a goal to reduce your intake of a certain food or increase your intake of certain healthier foods.

2.  Set a Daily Move Goal

Most Apple watches or Fitbits have a daily move goal setting which can be steps taken, calories burned, or minutes of exercising. Try picking one and achieving it each day to feel a little more accomplished.

3.  Drink Less Caffeine

I know that Starbucks is life but some of us drink way to much coffee. Try cutting back, instead of having two cups a day, replace one with water or a healthier option.

4.  Finish That Book List

We all have a list of books that we think we are never going to finish. Set a goal to read a book a month and see how far that gets you!

5.  Be Grateful

Every night before bed, write down one thing you're grateful for. Studies show that doing this for prolonged periods of time will improve your happiness and make you more grateful as a person.

6.  Learn That One Thing

We all have something that we have wanted to learn how to do. A hobby or a skill that we thought we could never learn or didn't have time for. Find that hobby or whatever it is and learn how to do it, no matter how big or small, it will be worth it.

7.  Sleep More

I don't mean take more naps, but take time to get a better nights sleep so that you wake up well rested and not wasting your day napping or drowsy.

8.  Find One Signature Meal

Everyone needs at least one go to meal that is not from a box that they can make in the event of a date or dinner with the family. Take this next year to learn what that meal is for you and perfect it.

9.  Make Your Own Appointments

If you're a college student like me, there is a chance that your mom still calls in to the doctor to make your appointments. Take that first adult step and start making them yourself. It will show you are more independent and will also help your mom out.

10.  Use the Stairs

It is so easy for us to see the elevator and make the decision to ride up to the next floor instead of taking the stairs, but start taking the stairs and it will not only help you reach your move goal but also make you feel better.

11.  Actually Clean

When we go to clean our rooms, we basically just organize. Try actually cleaning, getting rid of things you don't want/need/use and donate them and actually try to dust please.

12.  Stop Buying Stuff

I don't mean stop buying everything, but stop buying stuff. The things that you just pick up at stores just because is stuff. We are all a little tight on money and buying random little things really rack up, so stop buying and save it.

13.  Drink Less

We all know that drinking can be fun and a great way to reduce stress but it isn't the best hobby for our bodies. Try drinking less or cutting it back to only one day a week. If you need something that hits the spot without the alcohol, try sparkling water.

14.  Make Coffee At Home

I, like many others, are victim to Starbucks almost on the daily. The strange thing is that I, like many others, also have a Keurig or coffee machine at home where I can make equally as good coffee for cheaper. Try making it at home and you will not only be saving money but you won't be late for that class or meeting anymore.

15.  Call Your Grandma

Or your mom/dad/cousin/sister someone you never call. It makes their day and it is also nice to catch up at an unexpected time.

16.  Start Doing Things For You

We worry so much about other people that we sometimes forget about ourselves. Try to start doing things for yourself, every little thing counts.

17.  Make a Budget

I spend money like no other and so sometimes I might spend too much at the grocery store which makes me buy cheap filler foods the next week to make up for it. Try budgeting so you can get what you need without unexpected prices.

18.  Go on a Trip

It doesn't matter if it is to the next city, state, or country. Just plan a trip and go. Seeing the world is so helpful and will really improve your quality of life.

19.  Volunteer

It doesn't matter how often you do it, but helping others has been proven to make us happy as well. Find a local charity and go help out.

20.  Become a Plant Parent

Taking care of something that is not you can really help you. A plant is easy because it isn't living like a dog or a cat but it can still provide some company and they are also pretty darn cute.

21.  Learn to be Alone

I hate going to the store alone but after going to college I have learned to go to the mall, grocery store, and even coffee shops alone and it has been so freeing. Start learning to be alone and you will grow so much as a person.

22.  Find Someone

I don't just mean a man (or a woman, I don't care), I mean a person. Like Grey's Anatomy, help you drag a dead body on the floor person; if you don't have one yet. Its never too late, and if you do want to find a partner, do that too! They can be your person as well.

23.  Build Your Credit

It is almost 50/50 among college students if they have a credit card. Getting a credit card in college and buying just a couple things a month and paying them off will help you build precious credit that you need to buy a car or get a house.

24.  Actually Use Your Planner

It isn't hard to accumulate all those cute Target planners, but it is hard to use them. Start using your planner to keep track of your day, appointments and meetings, names and numbers, and everything else. If a premade planner isn't your style, get into bullet journaling. With bullet journaling you make your own planner and all of the pages and things that you want to keep track of.

25. Do a People Cleanse

Get rid of all the toxic people in your life weather it is in person or on social media. Your life will be so much more positive.

26.  Limit Screen Time

Put down your phone every now and then, close the laptop, and turn off the TV. If you've got a pet, play with them or go on a walk. Meet up with a friend for coffee or take a minute to meditate, using your phone less will be easier than you think.

27.  Stay Positive

Stop talking down on yourself and fill your life with positive words. Write inspirational quotes and positive phrases on sticky notes to put around your home and life for a fun and positive surprise.

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