In my humble opinion, Villanova University is one of the best places you could ever go to school. The years you spend at Nova undoubtedly shape you for the rest of your life. Whether it be the community you experience there or the quality people you meet, there are endless reasons why Villanova is life changing.

However, just like everything else, Villanova is not perfect. Yeah, we breed basketball stars and we have a whole lot of school spirit, but there is at least one thing we could fix for sure.

Villanovans need to stop glorifying busy. And we need to realize that being the organization kid who always has a smile on their face is not what the ideal Villanovan should look like.

I know that I am guilty of this exact mindset, too. At some point being at Villanova makes you feel as if you have to join several organizations, get all As, know as many people as possible, AND look good while doing so. On Villanova's campus we've all heard of, talked about, or even known the perfect Villanova cookie cutter.

We, as Villanovans, need to make a 2019 resolution to stop this cycle. Of course there will be people who want to do all of these things, but if they are doing it for themselves, more power to them. But as a school, we must end our glorification of being the tired, over-worked, busy, yet perfect student. It's just not realistic.

So, Villanova, in the new year here are some changes to make to relieve ourselves of all of this unnecessary pressure:

Be intentional... with your thoughts and actions.

Realize it is okay to say no. Or yes. Whatever YOU want.

Schedule less or at least take more time to do nothing. It may sound crazy, but spare time or full nights of sleep don't mean you're not doing something right. In fact, these things are good signs.

Villanova gets so many things right, but in this case we're all failing each other by continuing with this false ideal. We can and should be better Nova.