Ah, resentment. Every relationship's biggest enemy.

If you are unsure what resentment is, or you know what it is but you are in denial that is what it is, here are some examples: Resentment is that feeling of disgust when you see your partner doing something they enjoy or simply making food. Actually, disgust can even come from your partner minding their own business or minding yours.

Resentment is that feeling you get when you have to sleep next to your partner at night. And the same feeling you get when you remember that you have to share something with them. It's you rolling your eyes because they are upset about something, yet again. It's the "okay, can you be quiet now?" feeling you get when they talk, for however long they need to talk for. You just want them to shut the hell up.

Resentment is wanting to point out everything they do wrong before anything they do right. Actually, resentment can feel so hot that you never tell them they do anything right. Resentment is bitterness. But in this case, it's specifically aimed towards your partner.

But where does resentment come from? There are usually two ways this can go, and I don't mean to ignore any other way resentment can surface, but for now, I will stick with the two most popular ways. The first way is just going months and months with built up anger towards your partner, without saying anything or having said everything and them not trying. Which is why you become disgusted and bitter.

You start to hate them and everything they do. You have tried to talk to them for so long but they push you off, they are listening but they don't hear you, or they just show you that they don't care how you feel. The second way is something happens once and the next day or possibly next week you just are disgusted with them. This time, you are less disgusted because it isn't that they haven't tried talking to you about it, but it's more so the consequence of whatever action that has taken place.

Maybe you don't trust them anymore and/or possibly don't see them the same after the event. So you have just become so comfortable with the idea that this person isn't the one after having done what they did.

Either way, when resentment creeps up or hits you like a train, you are out before the relationship is over. And there are ways to get around it or let it go, but maybe it's your gut telling you-you should have taken whatever it was as a sign? Maybe, hurt and anger have taken over your body so much that you have no more respect or, possibly, love for this person? And possibly resentment has built up because you've become so fearful from overthinking. Either way, resentment is one for sure way to push yourself out of a relationship that isn't over yet.