How We Can Think For Ourselves

Often times we allow ourselves to develop opinions based off of false information and/or another person's feelings. We find it easier and quicker to just listen to a news channel that tells us what we want to hear ( good or bad things about certain political leaders) instead of getting the true facts. We read fake articles on Facebook and Instagram and we also watch bias videos because of their convenience to us. We choose not to get the information for ourselves and get it from people who will say anything (true or not) to get views and money. Media has proven time and time again that they think that we cannot think for ourselves; therefore, they trick us into believing anything they say. The question is... how can we prove that we can think for ourselves and will?

The hard part about starting the quest to prove the media wrong, is weeding through the false information. To be upfront, unbiased media is not a thing. However, we can choose to research and learn things for ourselves. One way to do this is to keep an open because not everything is as cut and dry as media makes it seem. There is a lot of strategy to keep different news covered up. They also cover up different news sources so that viewers only see their side. This strategy causes people to just watch the news and determine everything is true because they do not want to do the research. Everyone has an opportunity to read different news sources and try to ask questions about both sides but whether or not people want to be informed is on themselves. Although different news sources have their bias, we can use the information given and determine for ourselves whether it is helpful or harmful on different situations. The best way we can develop own opinion is by playing devil’s advocate with everything we are told.

Another way we develop opinions is based off of other people's feelings about different things. In other words, just because someone feels very strongly about something does not mean those around them have to feel the same way. It is important to have conversations and try to switch up personal views for the sake of conversation. Often times the media and people persuade people to believe certain things by pulling on their heart strings. This tactic makes it feel impossible to disagree with for the fear of being attacked and judged. The media distracts viewers from clear judgement and reason because of the emotional emphasis on different conversations and topics. The media thinks that we cannot think for ourselves because we allow ourselves to be easily persuaded by our feelings and ignorance.

Prove to yourself and the world around you that you can think for yourself.


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