5 Reminders For All College Students

College is stressful and sometimes all the assignments and exams bog us down. In those times (like hell week and finals week) it's important to remember why you started and what your end goal is. Here are a few other reminders to give you that boost to get through this semester.

1. You are paying for it.

College isn't free and isn't cheap. You are paying for your education, so actually get some bang for your buck. Don't skip class so you can hang out with some friends. Put in the time and make all those loans worth it. And if you aren't paying for it then you owe it to the person/group that is paying for it to do something with your education. Not everyone has the chance to attend college, so do something with the opportunity you have been given.

2. College is preparing you for the future.

The four plus years you spend at college are preparing you for your future career. Investing time now into your education and experience will make life in the future easier and more successful. If you start BS-ing your way through your introductory courses then you won't have a solid foundation for the future. Build a strong base so you have a leg up on you competitors and/or co-workers in the future.

3. Not every grade is make or break.

In those moments when it feels like your entire college career is going down the drain because of a couple assignment grades remember that in the end, no one cares that you got a C on a paper in that one class. Not every grade will be worth all the extra work and stress. The important thing, in the end, is not your grade but how much you have learned. Knowing about a topic and being able to answer questions on an exam are two different things.

4. You are learning more than you think.

It easy to forget that college is more than just a place where you cram for exams and "read" textbooks, but at college, you will learn so much more than what is inside those overly priced textbooks. College teaches you how to collaborate and work in groups. It teaches you how to live with others. It teaches you how to meet deadlines. And college teaches you how to stretch yourself past your limits. If you can pull an all-nighter to write an entire 10-page paper (research and all) then you can do nearly anything you set your mind to.

5. Think big picture.

In the end, college is just four (or so) years of your life. Sure, in the moment it seems like it will never end, but in a couple years, you are going to wish you could have those years back. College is preparing you for your future so enjoy the present; you are making a better future for yourself. And if you truly hate college then it should be reassuring that it will all be over in four-ish years. But like I said--think big picture. What are four years of your life when you have 30+ years of your life dedicated to working and/or having a family?

Don't let the stress, craziness, and pressure of college get to you. You are going to turn out all right if you just keep these things in mind. You don't have to be perfect, just try to make the best out of the situation at hand. You can do it. I believe in you!

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