They say everything happens for a reason, but some things we will never know the true answer to. Like why do our loved ones have to leave this planet so soon? Why do we have to hurt so much when this would be answered if we can take a visit to see them once in awhile? There’s a lot of questions that are asked when we lose a great person in our lives to the awful result of death. But what if heaven wasn’t so far away…

I would do some major bonding with my Grandma Eleanor and let her know what kind of person I've grown up to be within the pass 16 years. I would ask her all the questions that a 6 year old doesn't think about to ask their grandma: how did you meet grandpa, what are your passions, what advice can you give. I would let her know she is loved and never forgotten. I would let her know my grandpa is doing okay and that he is one of the strongest people I ever met. I would also ask her to introduce me to her daughter I never met, my Aunt Ritalyn.

I would drink tea and enjoy a piece of pie with my Grandma Jane. I would let her know her little “muscle lady” has grown up to a strong independent woman that she believed I can be. I would thank her for being there for me in my heart for the past 11 or so years. I would also tell her all about my brothers who she only got to see for their first two years. I would also visit with my Grandpa Joe while visiting her because I know for a fact they would be together. I would ask him all the things about him that I never got a chance to know.

I would binge watch Golden Girls and enjoy endless amounts of candy with my Great Grandma Rita. I would ask her about her German phrases and be with her as she finally got to watch the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. I would thank her for passing down her strong, stubborn, independent, time conscious traits down to me. And joke about passing down her thick thighs as well.

I would take a walk with my childhood dog, Scooby. I would let her know that letting her go was the hardest thing I have ever done. I would cuddle with her and never let her go. I would apologize for dressing her up and for jumping on her when I was little. I would let her know that a day does not go by that I don’t miss her or think about her. I would thank her for being not just a dog, but the greatest friend anyone could ask for.

I would buy a concert ticket to see Ben E. King, Elvis, Johnny Cash,Louis Armstrong, Marvin Gaye, and Etta James. I would watch the newest movies with Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, and Heath Ledger. I would listen to the history of Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy, Anne Frank, and many more.

If Heaven wasn’t so far away, saying goodbye would not break your heart every single time you had to leave someone you loved. If we got even one more day with those we lost, maybe we can fill something that is missing from us. Maybe we can tell them in person one more time how much they mean to us. But even without that one more day, we know that wherever they are, they live on through us and in our hearts. To those we have lost, we will love forever. To those we never met, we will remember you from passed down memories. To famous people that entertained, lead, and taught this world, we will remember you with your music, movies, history, and legends you left behind. For all those who have passed, you are forever missed and loved.