Remember The Little Things This Season

Remember The Little Things This Season

Not everybody is fortunate for gifts this year.

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Christmas is something that, as kids, we look forward to yearly. Come January, we are already making our Christmas list for next year. However, Christmas can be a stressful holiday for those who cannot financially provide for their children.

This Holiday is widely focused around gifts, an abundance of food, and making memories. Whether that is morally correct, it is what society has turned to. With this being a widespread consensus, the families who live paycheck to paycheck are forced to do more than what they can afford. This includes making sacrifices for the measly gifts on Christmas morning, serving something other than a luxurious Christmas meal, or even explaining to their children why they cannot be like their friends' families. It is a hard decision to make for the parents and even harder for the kids to understand.

Aside from the family providing, we are taught to play into the role of Santa Claus. Santa is the provider of gifts for all children. As parents, struggle to keep up with such a tradition, they are plunged into stress, worries, and constant battles with bills. Money should not be the worry on Christmas day. There should be laughter, love, and Christmas spirit throughout the day; but for some families, that is not the case.

As we inch closer to the Holiday, remember to be thankful for what you have and pray for those who don’t have as much. People can appear to have it all together, but at home can be struggling tremendously. Give more than you take, think before you say, and enjoy your holiday season.

P.S. If you want to put a smile on your kid’s face, here is Santa’s personal cell phone number! (951) 262-3062! Merry Christmas.
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