Over the past two decades, the United States government have spent trillions of dollars for military operations in the Middle East. Recalling February 27th, President Donald Trump stated at a White House meeting that he wanted to win wars again. He increased the military spending for the operations in the Middle East, insisting to “start winning wars again.”

President Trump’s “must win wars again,” statement seemed to indicate a possible future with this particular incident.To elaborate, it's more about the speculation of escalating into war than winning a war. It may seem melodramatic to presume, but current ties with Russia and United States are not looking well.

Several days ago, the United States fired tomahawk missiles at Syria in response to Assad’s chemical weapon’s attacks on Syrians citizens, including children and infants. The target was a military airfield in Homs.

As Commander-in-Chief, Trump made the decision on Syria due to the images of children that were infected with this incident. The president reversed his response of the United States staying out of Middle East conflict and is hypocritical with the travel ban upon Syrian refugees. It is hard to tell how Russia may react to this event.

Russia has been allied with Assad Regime with its six-year civil war, criticizing the United States government's decision as a violation of international law. Russia's government is heavily resenting the U.S. for its attack, not for attacking its associate ally, but 100 Russian troops were in proximity of the attack, which the U.S. gave out a notification.

The United Nations are in sessions regarding the incident, with Russia and Syria denouncing the incident, while the U.S. and other allies from Europe, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia agreed with the U.S. decision upon the chemical attack.

Let’s also not forget the scandal referring of Russia interfering with the Presidential Election, which has been an ongoing investigation. A contemplation that has viewers shifted on the airstrike attacks and without Russia's cooperation for the scandal, it could put the investigation to a halt.

Besides the feud, Trump had a summit with Chinese President Xi Jiping with discussions regards on how to contain the dictating North Korea. One of the biggest stress from this Communist country is its non-stop nuclear warhead and missile tests.

CNN reported recently that a U.S. naval aircraft carrier group is heading towards the Korean Peninsula, which was confirmed by U.S. defense official. The news report indicates having this carrier to operate in that area is uncommon. Speculation is that the aircraft carrier is pressing onward to the Korea region, whether it is a scare tactic or defensive measures to intimidate North Korea. North Korea’s regime is known to be unpredictable.

These political matters are reaching to more on the military branch, displaying and unraveling controversial military operations that are conflicting powerful nations. The presumptions and constant reporting are only going to cerebrate. Ever since Trump spoke about winning more wars, his executive powers have now switch to militaristic activity.