It is the end of the school year and the end of a DECADE. I am obviously stressed out dealing with Christmas shopping, final exams, work deadlines, and preparing for the 2020 resolutions I probably will not follow through with (let's be honest). How do I stay relaxed? Here are my top five tips!

Warm Baths

YESSSSS. I do not care what people say about baths. I like to clean up in a shower first then get into a warm bubble bath with the essentials; bath salts, bubbles, candles, iced fresh mint water, and a podcast/relaxing tunes. This sounds like a whole project but what I recommend is putting all this stuff near your bath so it is an easy set-up each time. Give yourself nights off to simply relax.


Journaling, typing, and creating art. Something mindful but does not take too much brainpower. Don't do it for others but for yourself. Keep a journal near your bed and have it be the first thing you do in the mornings and the last thing before you go to bed to release all thoughts and stress.


It does not have to be for religious purposes but simply to focus on your breathing and state of mind. Keep your Phone notes near you are a notepad to write down whatever is taking up too much space in your head. Use it as a time of prayer if you want or too simply "zone out".


Take up a yoga class, a hot yoga class, download an app, or Pinterest some moves! I recommend doing this in the mornings and mid-afternoons then getting a simple stretch in before going to bed.


Massages do not always have to be expensive and professional. I recommend professional at least once a month but that is not how it works for everyone. Research different ways to massage yourself or have a friend do it for you.