08 March 2018 // At University of Southern California

Relax And Renew To These 10 Songs

Get some good speakers and LISTEN

Warren Hastings

If you like to..transcend..when listening to music, and are looking for some good songs to let inside your ears, then this article is FOR YOU.

Relax to these songs. Take your shoes off, chill on the beach, “take the edge off”, or just fall asleep.

1. “Rattlesnake” - Tsar B

2. “DYT” - Oscar Key Sung

3. “Everything Is Recorded” - Everything Is Recorded

4. “Pariah” - Haich


Renew to these songs. Get that "going out" outfit on, mentally win an argument against your ex, imagine being able to afford better things, or simply bust a move.

1. “ADD” - Dwilly, Emilia Ali

2. “Honey Lavender” - ieuan

3. “GUCCI” - Qveen Herby

4. “Dennis Rodman” - mansionz, Dennis Rodman

5. "Someone That You Love" - Jarreau Vandal