Relax, the Greyhound Isn't That Bad

Relax, the Greyhound Isn't That Bad

It tries its best.

Throughout this December, students travelled home for the holidays by car, carpool, plane, train, or even bus. For me, I typically take the Greyhound bus home. Their fares are reasonably priced, and my destination is a short car drive away from home. Taking the bus is always cheaper than filling up the car tank, and I never run into any issues with Greyhound, not to mention they provide outlets for charging and free WiFi that works pretty well. However, there are people on my Facebook feed who say otherwise, and to them I say that's fair, I have not been to every Greyhound station in the country where the infrastructure is more deteriorated, unreliable, or downright sketchy. Perhaps I have just been lucky, but let me tell you to give it a second chance.

Sure, paying to board a bus unsure of how crowded it may be full of God knows what kind of people raises skepticism. These strangers could be snorers, felons, screaming children, or people who play audio off their phone without headphones, like, I get it Brad you really like listening to Eminem and you want to break into the rap sceNE BUT PLEASE JUST PUT SOME EARBUDS OR LITERALLY ANY AUDIO JACK INTO YOUR CELLULAR DEVICE THERE ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO SLEEP IN AN ATTEMPT TO GET RID OF MOTION SICKNESS BECAUSE THE DRAMAMINE DECIDED NOT TO KICK IN.


A few weeks ago a friend told me a customer service horror story where he argued with the desk at his local Greyhound station about a reboard ticket that he never received but needed to get to his destination. He was scolded by the worker for losing a ticket he never received. Eventually, he was allowed to board due to the driver pulling some strings to give him a seat. It was one of the most wild customer service stories I have ever heard, mostly because I never experienced that kind of attitude with people in that industry (knock on wood). I can imagine it was an unnecessarily stressful situation for him and justification for never taking the Greyhound again

On the bright side, it gave him a good story to tell, as experiences on the Greyhound bus would. A few summers ago I took a Greyhound to Cincinnati, Ohio with my roommate, and when we arrived a man, in an almost cartoon con man fashion, opened his trenchcoat and asked if we wanted to buy some gold. This is a mild tale, and I hope to live out more entertaining ones. For now, you can always read the numerous reddit threads on riding the Greyhound (with this one being my personal favorite).

Riding the Greyhound provides a fascinating psychological and sociological study of human behavior. Personally, the Greyhound would serve as a fantastic environment for an ethnographic study. One time on my way back to college, I sat behind two Amish men who smelled particularly putrid, and I dreaded the next three hours of this bus ride. We departed from Point A, but around 45 minutes into reaching Point B, the driver took an exit off the highway and turned into an unlit dirt lot (I suppose Point A and a quarter). The driver stopped, and passengers, myself included, looked around at each other with unease. It was 8 P.M. and nearly pitch black. Suddenly, the two Amish men in front of me stood and got off the bus, hopping into a buggy where the horses trotted out of the lot and on the road. No one said anything, and our bus ride continued.

So the next time you make a fuss about the Greyhound, look the bright side. At least you will have quite a story to tell.

Cover Image Credit: Oral Clarke - Raastah on Flickr Creative Commons

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9 Reasons Why Topsail Island is the Best Beach in NC

North Topsail, Surf City, South Topsail, it’s all part of the best beach in North Carolina.

1. The sunsets.

Topsail has the best sunsets out of any beach in North Carolina. Hands down.

2. The shark’s teeth and seashells.

You can always find a large amount of cool shells and shark’s teeth every beach trip. I have found that it is not like this at every beach, only at Topsail. Shell hunting tip: check out the point on the south end of the island every morning for the best shell selection. You might even come across a hidden mailbox with notes in it while shell hunting down there.

3. The food.

From Max’s pizza with the pepperoni under the cheese to the seafood at Breezeway and even having the experience of eating outside at Sears Landing, Topsail has some of the greatest restaurants any beach in NC has to offer. The best part about the food in Topsail is that the restaurants are all local. Also, there is a brand new doughnut shop in the Surf City part of the island...what could be better than doughnuts and the beach?

4. The Fourth of July.

Every year Topsail and neighboring town, Holly Ridge, rotate between who does fireworks on the fourth and who gets to do them on the fifth. Basically this means two whole days of celebrating our great nation at the beach. The Fourth is also fun in Topsail because the beach is full of people decked out in red, white, and blue, blaring country music, and playing cornhole and swimming all day. Some parts of the town even have mini Fourth of July block parties (okay maybe that's just my family and our neighbors but it’s still pretty fun).

5. The small town atmosphere.

Topsail is a small island which gives it a small town, everybody knows everybody kind of feel. It’s really easy to make life long beach friends here because you have the opportunity to see the same people out on the beach every summer.

6. The ice cream.

Growing up, we went out to get ice cream EVERY single night and admittedly we still do. It often feels like the whole island has the same idea because the lines are always out the door at every ice cream place on the island. Don’t let this discourage you though. It’s an unspoken rule to wait in the line no matter how long it may be because ice cream always tastes better at Topsail.

7. The best of both worlds.

Because Topsail is an island, in most cases you can see both the ocean and the sound from wherever you are staying. This is pretty awesome because you can watch the sunrise over the beach and the sunset over the sound without having to go too far. You also can go from playing cornhole on the beach to jet skiing in the sound without having to walk too far so you really do get the experience the best of both worlds.

8. Outdoor movies.

On certain nights of the week Topsail this has cool thing called “Summer Movies in the Park” where they play movies on a big blow up screen at a park that sits on the sound. The best part about this is that the movies are FREE. Tip: if you are vacationing at Topsail with bae, I highly suggest going to an outdoor movie together, even if it is Cinderella and even if you have seen it 100 times already you should still go. But, if outdoor movies aren’t your thing then I suggest going roller skating or playing a game of putt-putt.

9. The memories.

Whether you go for a week or a weekend, I promise that you will make some great memories with the people you love at Topsail Island. After spending 19 summers on the island, I know I sure have. From Fourth of July block parties, running into friends from all over NC, adventuring with cousins and swimming during hurricanes, I can honestly say that spending my summers at Topsail Island has been one of the best things ever.

North Topsail, Surf City, South Topsail, it’s all part of the best beach in NC and I highly recommend planning your next beach vacation to Topsail Island.

Cover Image Credit:

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5 Things To Remember For Spring Break

Have fun, but please be safe.


All students look forward to one thing during the school year, no matter what age they are. There's no doubt that we all get excited for breaks, but one stands out more-so than the others: Spring Break!

When you're a kid, you're excited to spend time with your friends, go camping, and spend all your time at the pool. In high school, it's along the same lines, but you're trying to sneak alcohol everywhere and everyone is judgmental about what swimsuit someone decided to wear.

In college, you do one of two things: 1. You sleep for a solid week and Lord help the person that decides to interrupt your sleep deprived, peaceful slumber. And 2. You travel to the beach of your choice and you're drunk the entire time (depending on who you are, you're also drunk during the first half of the week that classes start again).

If you decide to be a party animal during our favorite school break, obviously I want you to have all the fun you could possibly have. The less you remember it, the better..or worse- I don't remember. Maybe a few flashes here and there. Just please don't puke everywhere. But the most important thing is that you keep safe and be cautious wherever you decide to go. Just please don't recreate Spring Breakers or The Hangover. --But if you do recreate The Hangover, video or it didn't happen. I want to see who steals a tiger, loses a tooth, has an Asian man in the trunk, and who got stuck on the hotel roof.--

But seriously, to avoid any unfortunate events happening to you and/or your friends, please keep these things in mind.

1. Have a buddy system

Crazy stuff happens during Spring Break. Everyone knows that. Just don't lose track of each other because something serious could happen and it definitely would ruin the trip. Make sure each other are safe and don't put yourselves in a position that you'll regret later. Spring Break is the prime time for rape, kidnapping, human trafficking, etc. It's crowded everywhere so it would be extremely easy for someone to slip away undetected. People won't be paying attention to anything else except having fun. With all the distractions, that's a perfect opportunity for a predator to strike.

2. Be aware of what you put in your body

Alcohol and drugs are always a factor. If someone offers you a drink, be careful- especially if it's already open. You don't know 99% of the people so you have no reason to trust anyone and you don't know their intentions. As for drugs that you might take, there's a lot of impure stuff nowadays. Even weed is enhanced with things that people aren't aware of. Obviously. That's why there's so many different names. Just be careful and aware.

If you go to the bathroom, take your drink with you. Don't leave it somewhere, unattended, and come back to it. You don't know what could be in it anymore. If anything, get a new one.

3. Always have your ID, money, and phone

Getting into more serious topics, it's important that you have these things. And not for the fun reasons. Always carry your ID. Aside from getting into a bar or whatever, if something happens to you (God forbid), you'll be able to be identified. Always carry money. Aside from being able to buy more booze, always have money on you so you can get away from an area or situation that you won't want to be in. Always have your phone. You need to have a line of communication JUST IN CASE you get separated from your group or you need the police.

4. Please don't end up on Pornhub

Just.. please don't. Everything ends up online. Just don't end up on that site.

5. Make sure you have enough money to get home



Just please be responsible and aware of your surroundings. You can have all the fun you want, but please be careful. I don't want to see any news flashes for unfortunate events that might have happened to you or your friends. Have a great break!


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