Relationships today can sometimes be more tiresome than loving because of technology. Because our phones are always on our person, we feel as if we have to be in constant contact with our significant other. Otherwise, your significant other is obviously cheating on you (not).

Before we had all of this technology literally at our fingertips, how did relationships work? There was no constant contact. There may have been a phone call each night before bed to say goodnight or to make plans to see each other the next day, but that was it. Then again, that might be the exact reasons that relationships did work so well before modern technology.

So many relationships are ruined these days because people run out of things to talk about or get tired easily of talking to their significant other so often. It almost seems as if talking in person is more difficult now than texting because couples are so used to saying what they need to say through a screen instead of face-to-face. Hiding behind these screens creates a lack of fear of what is being said which makes arguments more intense and has ended many relationships. Even the strongest of relationships can be destroyed as a result of miscommunication since recognizing sarcasm or sass through text is almost impossible.

Despite all of these issues with it, modern relationships would just not be the same if it weren't for technology. Being able to contact your partner could not be easier unless they were right beside you. This makes life much easier than having to call their house and awkwardly have your partner's parent tell you that they are not home. Instead of having to set a time to call that day or night, it is so simple to just send a message to see what your partner is doing and if they want to hang out. While older generations complain that millennials have no concept of communication, we actually are experts in it since we do it all day instead of every now and then. Just because a conversation is held behind screens does not make it any less legitimate.

Relationships are obviously going to struggle in the age of modern technology because it is two different people who love each other and are trying not to kill each other constantly. Just because we have more technology does not mean we love any less than the generations before us. Yes, technology does make relationships difficult sometimes, but it also makes them stronger by testing the amount of each other that couples can handle. Technology rules out the weak relationships and strengthens the real ones.