Four months ago I took a trip to Mississippi. I originally went there on a best friend trip as a few of us hadn't seen each other in a few months. During this adventure, my friend introduced me to a blonde haired, green eyed guy. That guy stole my heart in a Waffle House (it was a had-to-be-there moment) and my life hasn't been the same since.

Well, that guy I was just talking about is now my insanely awesome one-of-a-kind boyfriend.

You could say relationships are a big deal for me, being as I usually keep that sort of thing at a distance. Normally, I have found them pointless as my life is not exactly stable being a college student working a part time job. A same-town relationship is one thing, but having a boyfriend that lives over 500 miles away is a whole new story. I have never been one for long distance as they seemed to only be a burden for my friends in the past.

It's funny sometimes how things change because here I am. The girl that never believed in long distance relationships actually in a long distance relationship. I agree, it's tough and at times frustrating when all of your friends get to constantly have date night and you're over there having date night through Facetime; however, a relationship with the right person is all you need.

I can wholeheartedly agree that a relationship with the correct person can change your life for the better. These past four months have been filled with more laughter and smiles than I could've ever thought possible. Sure, I have people constantly criticizing me for being with someone that doesn't live near me. What these people don't see is the hours we spend on Facetime, the support we receive from our families, and the motivation we give one another. Yes, I may not get to see him in person like most girls get to see their boyfriends, but I feel just as much appreciated by him if not more.

The time we have apart from one another is more than the time we have together. This makes the time we do share that much more special. As time goes on, you compensate. You learn one another's schedule to fit time in to talk. You understand that life takes multiple turns and sometimes your time may be cut short. Long distance isn't easy, but it can work.

A relationship involves trust and a little bit of faith. Trust one another's heart and have faith that God is helping along the way. Relationships should empower you. I am in a relationship because I have found my world a little brighter since he came around. I have never been more excited to share the pointless details about my day with someone before. I'm even more excited when I receive random pictures of giant spiders he had to kill while at work.

Be with someone that motivates you to be a better you. Be with someone that you want to help succeed. Push them to reach their goals and be proud of when they accomplish them. That is your partner. You chose them to guard your heart and share in the special moments of your life. If they don't bring out the potential you never saw in yourself, you shouldn't be with them.

Allow your partner to bring out the best version of you and allow them to thrive as well. Be patient, be understanding, and be proud. That is your person.

Don't be afraid to fully give your heart to someone over a plate of waffles. It might just be the start of something greatly unexpected.